Biolog Expands the Odin Family, and Access to Cellular Characterization, With the Launch of Odin VIII

Odin family

Biolog, Inc., a leading provider of cell-based microbial identification and phenotypic and metabolic profiling products and services, today announced the launch of OdinTM VIII system, the newest member of its Odin family of instruments. Designed to meet the needs of laboratories with mid-throughput requirements, Odin VIII is a smaller yet equally powerful version of the Odin platform introduced last year.

Biolog is thrilled to offer Odin VIII as a versatile solution for laboratories seeking high-performance cellular analysis capabilities in a more compact form. “Following the success of Odin in the market, we recognize the need to cater to laboratories with varying throughput requirements,” said Robert Wicke, CEO of Biolog. “With Odin VIII, we are excited to extend the power and efficiency of the Odin platform to a broader range of users, enabling them to characterize cells and identify unknown organisms with unmatched ease and flexibility.”

Odin VIII retains the all-in-one functionality that has made Odin a preferred choice among researchers studying how microbes respond to their environment. Leveraging the same detection methods and the ability to read and analyze any Biolog microplate, Odin VIII enables the measurement of both respiration and growth dynamics, providing valuable insights into cellular physiology and metabolic activity. Odin VIII can simultaneously incubate and read up to eight plates at once, offering the ability to streamline workflows and enhance productivity without compromising on performance. The original Odin instrument is being renamed to Odin L, to reflect its 50-plate capacity and unmatched scalability, especially important for labs with multiple users or those screening many strains at the same time. Both Odin L and Odin VIII are powered by the same Odin analytical software and share the same identification databases. 

With the launch of Odin VIII, Biolog reaffirms its commitment to customer-centric solutions, empowering laboratories of all sizes to accelerate their microbial identification and characterization efforts with confidence. “This smaller system is well suited for academic research labs, fermentation departments that want to characterize or QC strains, or for researchers in sustainable agriculture studying microbiome communities. Additionally, for our customers whose environmental monitoring needs have grown, but still don’t quite need the full capacity of an Odin L, we now have a medium throughput solution for in-house identification of bacteria, anaerobes, yeast, and filamentous fungi. We remain committed to empowering scientists with the tools they need to unlock the mysteries of microbial behavior,” said Wicke.

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