Binance Coin - the Preferred Payment Method of PureVPN

PureVPN names Binance Coin - one of the most promising digital currencies out there today - as its preferred method of payment.

A VPN provides users protection against a plethora of threats to their privacy and security and also gives them the freedom to access the content and websites they desire. Therefore, it isn’t hard to see why these tools are growing in popularity every day.

Everyone needs a VPN in these times and having multiple options to pay for the service makes the decision-making process easier for the end user. To make buying a VPN as convenient as possible, PureVPN has support for 50 different payment options.

PureVPN’s Number One Payment Method

The most recent addition, Binance Coin (BNB), affords payment-diversity-seeking users the ability to pay for a subscription without exposing their payment details, which can be used to identify them.

Since the ease and privacy of users have always been one of PureVPN’s main priorities, it’s no surprise that they have collaborated with Binance to provide internet users another widely accepted payment option besides Bitcoin.

Pay with Binance Coin for a Discount

PureVPN has made it a habit to go above and beyond what’s expected of them, and here’s the perfect example of why. In addition to adding support for Binance Coin, users who pay for PureVPN with the cryptocurrency will also be eligible for a special treat.

They’ll be able to enjoy a flat 10% off during checkout, regardless of the subscription plan they have chosen. Know what’s better than a VPN? A VPN on a 10% discount.

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