Billboard Taxi Media Inc. Announced a Deal Valued at $48 Million USD With CashUrDrive

Billboard Taxi Media Inc. will supply advertising hardware and software to CashUrDrive to be used in multiple cities in India that the company has existing relationships with.

Billboard Taxi Media Inc.

Las Vegas-based Billboard Taxi Media Inc., which supplies digital outdoor taxi tops display screens to taxicab owners and management companies as well as advertising agencies, announces a $48 million deal with CashUrDrive, a leading innovative "on-vehicle" advertising company in India.

Billboard Taxi Media Inc. supplies digital outdoor taxi tops display screens to generate additional revenue streams for taxicab owners and management companies that have seen sales decline due to disruption by ride-hailing services such as Uber, and asset declines in taxi medallion values. Also, the company supplies advertising agencies who wish to own the equipment.

Our clients include taxicab owners, fleets of taxi cars, taxi management companies and advertising agencies. Our minimum order is 25 units and can easily install in the preferred taxi meter garage.

Clients who wish a turnkey solution may contact us at

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