BigPerx getting attention from Working Professionals and Corporate Employees

BigPerx's new launch in Jan 2015 with newer and improved features is steadily gaining popularity amongst employees from hundreds of companies. Employees of small and medium enterprises can get their Big Perks for free that employees of a handful of large companies used to get. – The Employee benefits portal re-launched in January 2015 with their upgrades and is now growing at a steady pace, the startup has built a partnership with all major brands in the market and has achieved almost 40,000 visits in last 6 months with more than 6000 new registered users from multitudes of smaller and medium companies but also from TCS, Cognizant, iGATE-Patni to name a few. Without the mass media advertising, it's still the best-known secret for employees.

Unlike other employee deals website that primarily require with Company HR approvals to extend employee deals, Employees can sign up themselves with their Corporate email ID, truly making it easy and simple. Currently, BigPerx is allowing free registration up to 200 employees per company and its evolving more features.

What is BIGPERX?

Navi Mumbai based self-funded startup, BigPerx is a portal that allows all working professionals and corporate employees discover corporate employee deals and hidden benefits from different brands on one platform. It helps its users get a better value for their money, make a wiser buying decision and shop with their friends/ colleagues.

What started in 2012, the early version of BigPerx was as Employee purchase program for a couple of brands extended to select few companies. Based on market feedback, the founders went back to drawing board in order to extend it to employees /working professionals of all organisations with a single aim in mind - How to make online shopping convenient for the corporate employee?

What does BigPerx offer to Working professionals/ Corporate Employees?

Along with Special Corporate Pricing, with an aim to provide best buying experience to niche customer base like working professionals, has re-launched with for the first time introduced innovative features like 7000+ Payment Options (including Split payment methods, COD and BYOD schemes credits), Free Product Advise, Request for their Friend’s Opinion that add conveniences that most people desired but were never got.

Bad Ecommerce players have spoilt the reputation for online shopping. BIGPERX aims to restore that by being the First Online shopping website that gives 101% Protection against price drop for 15 days, 101% money-back guarantee for any delayed shipment and 101 days cash back return policy on most products.

Gifting is a common occurrence in the corporate lifestyle as employees share happiness. BigPerx has also enabled its users to Group Gifting along their friends/ colleagues to pool their gift contributions. The icing on the cake is that contributions can be received from friends not just within the company but ones who may be outside the company - like common friends, relatives of the individual. Why limit who can contribute?

Apart from above user-friendly features, BigPerx has a built an innovative group buying concept called ‘ Buyers Club’ to let its to get unbelievable volume discounts on select products that are based number of users joining. The best part is as the number of buyer increase, the price drops thus benefitting everyone participating in the club. Moreover, early bird users get higher rewards.

Bottom Line:

BigPerx aims to solve the difficulties that young working professionals find while discovering brands that offer Employee deals on one platform. It aims to not only get best deals or discount but also provide greater value and conveniences that are created for this niche audience by bringing employees /working professionals under one roof.