BIGLIG in the Top 50 Most Innovative Sports Startups in the World

After modeling its private sport network service with more than 50 amateur sport organizations, BIGLIG is invited by hype foundation to join world leaders.

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BIGLIG, the social media optimized for sports enthusiasts, was named one of the 50 most innovative sports startups in the world by the HYPE Foundation. Selected by an international jury comprised of representatives from the Olympic community, professional sports, major sports brands, and tech investors, BIGLIG joins the renowned program TOP50 which has for objective to offer an accelerated path to international commercialization to the most promising sports businesses.

"The selection committee was impressed by the vision of the company, its impact within sports communities, and its potential of becoming the reference in sports social media" explains Amir Raveh, president of the HYPE Foundation based in London, England.

The company from Shawinigan, which will reach 100,000 users during the present year, developed its platform using a co-design approach which involved no less than 50 sports organizations coming from Canada and the US. Because of this prestigious nomination, BIGLIG now ranks within an elite club comprised of the largest players of the sports and tech industries in the world. Notably next to Google, Microsoft, Asics, SKY Sports, Adidas, Polar, the European commission, many professional organizations, and more than 500 investors and financial angels from 46 countries. Over the next year, BIGLIG will have the opportunity to show off the benefits of its platform during large scale international events such as the UEFA League of Champions Finals, the NFL draft, the Boston Marathon, New York's US Open, and many more professional sports events. This new collaboration adds to the partnership already established with VISA in 2016 from which BIGLIG is able to offer sponsorships to amateur sports organizations.

Daniel Caissy, president of BIGLIG, explains: "The social media was optimized expressively for the athlete, the family, the team, the fan, and the sports organization to allow them to live their sport fully through a connected and social perspective. The innovation of BIGLIG settles communication problems, offers a fresh sports experience, and generates a snowball effect allowing sports communities to grow."

BIGLIG was able to gain the confidence of significant organizations within the amateur sports community. Notably Jean-Charles Meffe, general manager of Football Québec explains his decision to partner up with BIGLIG: "Football Québec is giving BIGLIG a first try to allow the Spalding Cup to generate a fresh experience to its athletes and their parents and to provide a larger exposure to its partners."

The Top 50 ranking attributed to BIGLIG is the result of a whole community of organizations and individuals who have supported the development of this platform. BIGLIG's participation to the prestigious Top 50 program of the HYPE Foundation is only just the beginning and BIGLIG is resolutely determined to maintain its position of leader with many more innovations to come!

BIGLIG sees its rise to the Top 50 most innovative sports startups in the world as a reward for the sum of the efforts generated by a complete community of organizations and individuals, but above all, it sees this distinction as a responsibility to preserve it position of leader and to spawn new innovations.

BIGLIG - Private Sport Networks

Founded in 2013, BIGLIG's mission is to engage amateur sports communities while making room for athletes, parents, teams, fans and sport organizations on the same social media. It also offers a Development Partner program for any tech business interested in offering its services to BIGLIG users.


London, England. HYPE Foundation was set up by MG Equity Partners in order to create an international platform by which the best sports and tech companies will be able to grow. HYPE Foundation rallies a large number of organizations active on the international sports stage.

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