BidiTM Vapor Launches BidiTM Pouch, a Nicotine Delivery Product in a Tin Pack

The BidiTM Pouch, a tobacco-free, nicotine delivery product, helps consumers transition to a smoke-free lifestyle

​​Bidi™​ Vapor, the manufacturer of the premium  Bidi™ Stick vaping device, launches another innovative product that aims to help adult smokers take their first steps in going smokeless—the Bidi™ Pouch. Engineered to provide a premium nicotine experience to its users, minus the smoke, it is made from a tobacco-free nicotine formulation packed in an on-the-go pouch.

Worldwide, the nicotine-pouch sector is projected to grow to $3.35 billion by 2025, up from $637.8 million in 2019, according to Market Study Report, LLC. The category has continued to explode recently, with New York-based Nielsen reporting an increase in unit sales of 498% in U.S. convenience stores over the 24 weeks ending May 30, 2020.

Bidi™ Vapor is poised to take advantage of the surge in popularity, having established a robust wholesale-distribution network with its premium vape pen, the Bidi™ Stick, that reaches thousands of convenience store chains and other brick-and-mortar retail in North America.

Based on Nielsen's 52-week data ending on October 17, 2020, via Goldman Sachs, the Bidi™​ Stick by Bidi™​ Vapor has emerged as a top five category player, having captured 7.4% market share, equal to $23.8 million. Dollar sales displayed industry-leading growth of 2,333.9% during the previous 4-week period. Bidi™​ Stick continues to expand and currently has an absolute dollar market share of 11.2% over the last 12-week period.

Having established a strong wholesale-distribution network with the company's premium vape pen, the Bidi™ Stick, will allow for immediate distribution of the Bidi™​ Pouch through existing channels. Bidi™​Vapor continues to expand its partnerships with nationally recognized convenience retail chains such as Circle K and Fas Mart. Pending inventory ramp up, the company has positioned itself for rollout in more than 10,000 more partner locations within the quarter. With its existing distribution network from the Bidi™ Stick, the company seeks to capitalize by launching this new line of smokeless tobacco products to provide a new line of industry-leading quality products.

The Bidi™​ Pouch flavors include Winter, Arctic, Summer, Solar, Regal, and Haze. Each flavor combination is made from a premium formulation that can cater to every adult’s palate. It retails at $3.25 with an SRP of $4.99.

Current wholesale and retail partners of the Bidi™​Stick can pre-order the BidiTM Pouch. The Bidi™​Pouch Roll that includes 5 Bidi™ Pouch Tin Cans is available at $16.25. The Bidi™​ Pouch Box with 100 Bidi™ Pouch Cans is available at $325, while the Bidi™​ Pouch Outer Box that contains 300 Pouch Cans is available at $975. The estimated date of arrival of all pre-orders will be December 2020. 

To learn more about the product or secure pre-orders, you can visit Bidi™​ Pouch's website at

Source: Bidi Vapor, LLC