BFree LLC to Begin Production of Innovative Personal Shopping Cart

Innovative Folding Cart Makes Bags Obsolete, Getting Groceries Home Easier

Seeing more and more grocery shoppers struggling with reusable bags or having to pay for disposable bags, Payne Kilbourn thought there had to be a better way to get groceries through checkout and into the kitchen.  After more than a year in development, BFree LLC is set to begin production of an innovative solution, the “Chickadee Cart.”

“Instead of using bags, what if you had your own folding-handle baskets to carry the groceries home, and your own wheeled cart to hold the baskets?  That was the simple concept behind the cart,” Mr. Kilbourn explains.  “What took some time was designing a cart that easily folds flat so you can keep it in the back of your car or tucked away in a closet at home, while also making the cart lightweight, sturdy, and capable of carrying a full load of groceries.”

The patent-pending Chickadee Cart not only eliminates the need for disposable grocery bags, its unique form and function makes shopping easier.  The cart includes a convenience tray, a place to keep lists, coupons and other items, and a cup holder.  It comes with two or three rugged baskets that can be used by themselves for quick trips, and has a base where shoppers could set their own cooler to keep frozen items cold for the trip home.

“We also designed it to be fun to use,” Mr. Kilbourn says.  “It’s quick and easy to fold and unfold, and its light weight makes it easy to put away.  Plus, because it’s yours, you can personalize it: add stickers, color it, put your name on it, hang charms, whatever you want.”

Checkout clerks say they prefer loading baskets over bags because they load faster and are better able to arrange things to avoid damage.  Store managers like them because it is one less store cart that has to be retrieved from the parking lot, damaged or stolen.

“Stores want shoppers to use hand-scanners,” Mr. Kilbourn says.  “The really exciting aspect of the cart for shoppers who use hand-scanners is that they don’t have to unload anything at checkout; they download the scanner, pay, and go.”

For more information, please visit:, which has a link to a Kickstarter project with additional background on development of the cart and a video showing it in use.

About BFree LLC

Founded in 2013 by Payne Kilbourn to promote a bag-free alternative for shoppers, hence BFree, the company is comprised of a team designers, engineers and fabricators that developed the cart and are overseeing initial production using US and Canadian suppliers and assembly in the United States.  To learn more about the company and its commitment to quality products that respect the environment, please contact:

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About BFree LLC

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