BEVWRX Launches Beverage Advisory

BEVWRX, a data-driven startup focusing on product development and supply chain advisory for the beverage market, launches in pursuit of a "beverage revolution." Although many beverage categories are mature, there are still growth opportunities for companies appealing to rapidly shifting consumer preferences. The use of industry data and consumer surveys to inform product development has typically been reserved exclusively for incumbent brands. BEVWRX is able to provide detailed consumer insights throughout the development process for all brand partners. With a focus on product innovation, BEVWRX looks to successfully navigate market changes in health and wellness products (non-alcoholic), while pioneering development and new experiences in restricted categories such as Cannabis-Infused beverages and emerging spirits. The company was founded by industry disruptors James Field (LA LIBATIONS), Darlene Barbee (ZICO), and Fred Pinczuk (CORE WATER).

2021 Sales of major beverage categories are expected to grow from $150 billion to more than $160 billion by the end of 2021. Paying attention to how beverage trends have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and how they're likely to remain, even after the current situation has passed, can help brands plan accordingly to keep category profits flowing. "Health has become top of mind for consumers throughout the pandemic, and consumers will continue to focus on overall well-being in the future," says James Field. "The products that are coming out now that help boost immunity are not yesterday's horrible-tasting products. The products we are seeing are delicious, imaginative, beverages that also have clean, natural ingredients, in gorgeous packaging with a firm focus on sustainability."

Although health and wellness brands will continue to proliferate, it is Restricted Category beverages that will offer consumers new experiences. "Cannabis has been the wild west for entrepreneurs looking to turn a quick profit, but the category is lacking the mature development processes already well established in other categories. We have worked tirelessly to perfect both the chemistry and flavor development unique to the properties of cannabis. Meanwhile, incumbent spirits brands are missing out on product development, and branding experiences that can lower the cost of customer acquisition while increasing the lifetime value of the customer."

WHAT BEVWRX OFFERS: "Our process is built for current beverage brands and non-beverage brands to rapidly concept and launch new beverage products with cutting edge flavors and aromas. We focus on quality, consistency, and avoiding supply chain issues while navigating the state specific laws and mandates. This allows for tighter control over the entire production process, resulting in the ability to create bold, complex flavor profiles faster than any other beverage group in the world. Our innovative approach to new products and creating vertically integrated brands allows us to cultivate authenticity from unseen sources that surprise and delight consumers in ways they have never experienced from a beverage brand."


● CUSTOM BEVERAGE CREATION - BEVWRX's data-driven process brings consumer insights first to identify a number of variables that drive the base formulation, creating a wide array of different profiles, tastes, and aromas in the finished product. 

● SCALABLE PROCESS - BEVWRX developed a network of supply chain partners that helps companies rapidly scale up operations once experience-market fit has been established. 

● QUICK TURNAROUND - Utilizing the BEVWRX Supply Chain Network, BEVWRX can produce large or small volumes of your product in a fraction of the time required by normal methods. This means that you can hit the market faster, and for less money.

Source: BEVWRX


BEVWRX was launched in 2021 to work with companies to create, develop and expand their beverage products. Leveraging BEVWRX product design capabilities and deep supply chain relationships leverages years of product development, research and supply chain experience to lead each brand through the development process using a lean startup methodology.

Source: BEVWRX

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