Beverly Lowe's New Book 'The Strawberry Adventure: A Lesson In Thankfulness' Shares A Young Princess's Adventure Where She Learns The Value Of Gratitude And Faith

Beverly Lowe, a former registered emergency medical technician/paramedic and a dedicated single parent, has completed her most recent book "The Strawberry Adventure: A Lesson in Thankfulness": an exquisite and vivid story about a young princess who discovers something that lets her gain wonderful lessons on thankfulness and God's Word.

Beverly writes, "'Strawberry Adventure: A Lesson in Thankfulness' follows a beautiful little princess as she learns how her life is so much better than others in her kingdom. Her parents have always taught their children to be loving and giving, but Katerina has grown up in a privileged home and hasn't seen the way children of less fortunate people live.

Her love of strawberries and a search to find where they come from leads her and her best friend, Jasper, to meet the working family that provides the fruit for the castle. She sees little girls working in the hot field just so she can have strawberries and they can have money for their needs.

Princess Katerina's heart is broken when she sees what these little girls have to do just so she can have fresh strawberries. She sets her sights on making things better for them and enlists her family to help.

She is teased by her brothers for what she didn't know but is taught by her nanny and parents what God's Word and teachings say about helping neighbors.

Princess Katerina's best friend, Jasper, is a little white pony who prayed for a friend, and God sent him the princess. They go on many adventures, learning about the world around them and how they should be the creatures God truly created them to be.

Come along with them as they explore the forest, the castle grounds, and the fields of their kingdom. Every day is an adventure, and every adventure teaches them how wonderful life can be."

Published by Fulton Books, Beverly Lowe's book is the perfect book for parents to read to their children and instill in them positive virtues that will guide them to the right path.

Follow Princess Katerina as she experiences teaching moments during her adventures that will shape her into the most caring princess in her kingdom.

Readers who wish to experience this enchanting work can purchase "The Strawberry Adventure: A Lesson in Thankfulness" at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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