BetterVet Boasts Largest Acquisition to Date With Established Mobile Vet Clinic, Vets Here

Vets Here

The veterinary startup BetterVet, which offers mobile veterinary care throughout various cities across the U.S. has sought out to dominate in the Southern California region with its acquisition of well-known and respected mobile vet clinic, Vets Here. Vets Here has been offering mobile veterinary care for over a decade, is now part of the new conglomerate's goals of offering a much wider range of "at-home" services. Not only does this purchase allow Vets Here to offer their services in more areas of Southern California, but to expand on what Founder and CEO, Dr. Autumn Fanning has built by offering app-based scheduling, more efficient logistics, and expanded services.

Though the demand for in-home care services has increased globally by leaps and bounds since the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been many services that have offered this convenience long before the outbreak.

"This has been a more personal, convenient, and humane way to care for pets and their owners for quite a while," said Dr. Fanning. "Sticking animals in boxes, driving them in traffic, sometimes for longer distances, all so your pet can be in fear and confusion in an unfamiliar place…that's not only traumatic for the animal but for owners as well. We have worked for twelve years to eliminate that type of experience, long before Covid presented a more at-home care focus," continued Fanning.

Mobile veterinary services offer a wide range of benefits for the obvious reasons, but there are also some "not-so-obvious" to consider as well, Dr. Fanning said. "There are many pets that are immobile, not to mention there are owners that are immobile as well, additionally, a lot of our patient owners have multiple pets and animals on one property. Caring for owners with multiple pets is now a much easier and safer task for all involved with mobile medical and surgical units such as ours."

In-home veterinary services have been offered in more urban cities, but often with limited capabilities. Vets Here has been offering routine anesthetic procedures such as dental cleanings and extractions, spays, neuters, and mass removals all with the ability to have your pet awaken from surgery and recover with the familiarity of their own home. The Vets Here vehicles are also equipped with advanced x-ray and ultrasound machines. These types of surgical and medical capabilities made Vets Here truly unique and were differentiators when considered for purchase. Finance mogul, Trixy Castro was an early investor in Vets Here and has helped see the company through to acquisition ­­- Ms. Castro stated: "This is not only the future of veterinary medicine, I feel it should be the norm. This is a more realistic approach considering the schedules of a modern family dynamic, not to mention the reduction in trauma for the animals and the pet owners' families. This is a much more realistic and considerate way of practicing veterinary medicine."

Vets Here will continue to offer all their previous services under their new family of companies brought to the table under the BetterVet umbrella. Better Vet is hoping to expand their offering in more cities nationwide over the next year as they are already covering many major metropolises with the offering of expanded surgical and advanced medical care with the comfort of home behind it.

BetterVet Executive Leadership stated, "Vet's Here is our largest acquisition to date. The technological innovation that BetterVet is pioneering, combined with Vet's Here's decade of mobile veterinary experience, will significantly propel the growth of the company." 

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