BetterPT Now Offering Telehealth Services to Help Patients During COVID-19 Outbreak

Many physical therapy clinics are now offering patients the option to schedule virtual therapy appointments and consultations using BetterTelehealth service

BetterPT Physical Therapy Telehealth

BetterPT, a healthcare technology company renowned for providing end-to-end digital connectivity between physical therapists (PT), patients and physicians, today announces the integration of an option for telehealth services when requesting appointments. Previous offerings focused on in-person appointment scheduling, but the inclusion of the telehealth services option opens the door for a new kind of physical therapy session. By clicking on the REQUEST TELEHEALTH button provided on the clinic’s site or within, patients will be able to contact clinics directly to schedule a virtual appointment on BetterTelehealth.

Benefits of the new BetterTelehealth include: 

  • Availability through desktop, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Allows for scheduling flexibility
  • No need to download an app or create an account to use platform
  • HIPAA-compliant video capability
  • Appointment reminders 60 and 15 minutes prior to start times
  • No travel or in-person contact necessary to hold session (eliminates transmission of illnesses)
  • Ability to treat injuries of all types virtually
  • Allows for private sessions where patient comfort is paramount

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, healthcare providers are adapting to the needs of their patients in ways that will allow them to continue caring for and treating medical issues without compromising the future health of patients or providers. Telehealth allows patients to work with physical therapy professionals when they cannot or choose not to leave their homes in order to practice social distancing. This option also provides additional benefits to patients by offering quality care remotely, improving their access to care and ensuring that whenever possible, there is no disruption to the prescribed schedule of therapy appointments. For patients, establishing a routine with their care is necessary for positive outcomes.

As more people choose to - or are told to - stay home, the need for physical therapy and other types of services does not decrease. Though it may be possible for patients to continue their physical therapy exercises at home, being able to connect with a physical therapist is the best way to ensure that they remain on track, especially in these challenging times. 

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About BetterPT

BetterPT™ is a healthcare technology platform company, committed to transforming patient access and experience by providing end-to-end digital connectivity between physicians, physical therapists (PTs) and patients. BetterPT is the fastest-growing specialized physical therapy marketplace in the U.S. Patients can find clinics in their local area that best fit their needs and accept their insurance, then immediately request an appointment -- all with just a few clicks. The BetterPT’s inbound patient management (IPM) solution offers a number of operational efficiencies to clinics with its interoperable, HIPAA-compliant telehealth application and EMR compatibility. For more information, please visit BetterPT Telehealth Services.

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