Bettermeant Becomes Valorant Health — Market Leader in Digital Health and Telehealth Services Launches Officially on Memorial Day for Servicemembers, Veterans, and Beyond

  • Valorant Health expands with new providers and launches for patients all across the U.S. to get transparent access to care
  • Valorant Health reduces friction for providers and patients in accessing care through an intuitive software platform
  • Valorant Health improves outcomes for patients by connecting them to best-in-class healthcare providers and resources for in-person and virtual care

Valorant Health is a technology company that prioritizes patients and providers first in the healthcare journey. The platform specifically focuses on bringing high-quality mental and physical health providers and resources to Servicemembers, Veterans, their families, and beyond. The platform helps patients find in-network care and coverage.

The new name and logo represent the learnings and growth from the past few years and the continued expansion of the software to be accessed by those across the country. Valorant Health is expanding its capabilities and offerings and these will be available as a product experience on

The new host of capabilities for providers include, for free:

  • Increased visibility to find new patients and the ability to provide care and coverage including to the Military, Veterans, and their families
  • Rapid integrations with existing software solutions for an intuitive experience
  • Enhanced scheduling and telemedicine capabilities with new and existing patients including chat, phone, and video
  • Easy e-forms for faster and more reliable patient access and lower administrative overhead

Enhancing the patient experience on a free platform through:

  • Scheduling a visit with a few clicks from any device for in-person or virtual visits
  • Greater accessibility through a transparent and reliable technology software
  • Increased privacy through a compliant and secure platform where patients can keep all of their personal information safe and track who can access it
  • Leaving reviews and recommendations of providers so that friends, family, and the patient's community get better care

"We are excited about the new name, but our mission remains the same: to provide greater access to healthcare for Americans," said Ahmed "Eddie" Qureshi, founder of Valorant Health. "Valorant Health is continuing to push the envelope of providing best-in-class digital health solutions directly to the patients who need them, and prioritizing our Military, our Veterans, and their families." 

About Valorant Health

Valorant Health is a digital health technology marketplace that was founded on the belief that we need to make healthcare transparent and accessible. The company uses powerful personalization capabilities and deep area expertise to advance care in all aspects of healthcare. While being patient-centric, the platform is strategically positioned to work with all stakeholders in the healthcare journey (patients, providers, and payers) and working at the intersection of private, public, and digital healthcare. Valorant Health is privately held in Berkeley, California. The company has received early recognition from the U.S. Air Force and continues to expand its capabilities for Veterans, Servicemembers, and their dependents. Follow Valorant Health on LinkedIn and Twitter. If you are interested in partnering with us, please reach out at

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Ryan Kersten

Source: Valorant Health