BetterCredit Opens New Corporate Headquarters in Sarasota, Florida


BetterCredit, a leading credit restoration company offering personalized credit analysis, credit repair and identity protection services, officially opened its corporate headquarters in Sarasota, Florida. This team of financial experts works passionately to help individuals with poor credit improve and safeguard their credit.

For the 77 million Americans suffering from debt in collections to the 68 million with a poor credit score to the 33 million with no credit history at all, BetterCredit may be the perfect solution.

“Your credit score can prevent you from getting the home, car or job you desire,” says BetterCredit CEO Adam Petrilli. “A simple late payment can stay on your credit report for up to seven years, even if you’ve paid off the debt. BetterCredit rewrites your credit history to reflect who you are today — not who you were years ago.”

It is the services provided by companies like BetterCredit that can change the game for consumers with bad or poor credit. Through its proven credit restoration process, BetterCredit can help these individuals make long-lasting lifestyle changes that will allow them to reach their financial goals faster and live prosperously.

Once enrolled in the program, BetterCredit’s board certified credit specialists will educate each client on their credit report and identify the negative items and errors that need to be removed. BetterCredit will then propose the best course of action and estimate the time it will take to obtain the desired score. Clients are invited to sit back and relax while a team of specialists completes the credit restoration process, repeated monthly until the maximum number of negative items are removed from the client’s credit history and the client is satisfied with their credit score.

The new space at 2170 Main Street, Suite 403, Sarasota, Florida, reflects BetterCredit’s company goals, which focus on progressive expansion and providing exemplary client services. By launching its headquarters in Sarasota, BetterCredit clients can have peace of mind knowing that the team repairing their credit is growing just as fast as their credit score.

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About BetterCredit

Based in Sarasota, Florida, BetterCredit is a credit restoration company dedicated to helping individuals make significant lifestyle changes to establish healthier credit histories. Simply put, BetterCredit offers the opportunity to improve your reputation, reach your financial goals faster and live prosperously.

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BetterCredit Empowers Every Individual to Achieve the Credit Score They Deserve & to Enjoy a Lifestyle of Greater Opportunity.
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