Better Advertising Professionals Focuses on Customer Care

Better Advertising Professionals' Director of Operations shared his thoughts on the importance of instilling a customer service mind-set throughout a professional team. He also outlined his approach to ongoing development.

​The leaders and team members at Better Advertising Professionals make customers feel appreciated. This is the result of a service-based mind-set held by everyone in the organization. As Mathew, the firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “We make customer care a focal point of our daily operations. It is emphasized in our initial training efforts and our continuing education sessions. By focusing on making and keeping customers happy, Better Advertising Professionals has become a rapidly growing industry leader.”

Mathew believes the best way to create a service mind-set is to get team members to think like customers. He commented, “You get an entirely different perspective when you look at things through a customer’s eyes. I want all of our associates here at Better Advertising Professionals to think about why anyone should choose us over a competitor. When that happens, I think we are much better equipped to create effective promotional solutions that suit each brand’s needs.”

"Our commitment to education plays a big role in our company's continued success,"

Mathew , Director of Operations

To help his team members get a feel for customers’ viewpoints, Mathew and the rest of the Better Advertising Professionals executive team elicit plenty of feedback. The Director believes getting thoughts from customers in the form of surveys or during interactive campaigns is the ideal method for figuring out what’s working and what isn’t. He stated, “We listen intently to what customers are saying, and we use their feedback to guide our future efforts. I think this strategy has helped us build a reputation as a reliable and respectful organization.”

Better Advertising Professionals Focuses on Training and Development

The best way to make customers happy is to deliver consistently strong results. Team members at Better Advertising Professionals are able to do this because they receive extensive training and continuous development. “Our commitment to education plays a big role in our company’s continued success,” Mathew noted. “From the first days of training, the importance of great customer service is stressed. That emphasis continues in the many team training sessions we have on a regular basis.”

Each new addition to the Better Advertising Professionals team also gets paired with a seasoned executive. The Director said, “This type of one-to-one education is really tough to beat. Everyone we bring on board gets the chance to learn our business from the ground up, and that includes each phase of a customer interaction. Our promotional specialists become well-versed in customer care from the very beginning of their time with the company.”

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