Better Advertising Professionals Excels in Fourth Quarter

The director of operations at Better Advertising Professionals explained how his team is finishing 2015 on a high note. He also described how this performance positions the firm for success in 2016.

​The leaders at Better Advertising Professionals understand the positive impact of ending the year right. That’s why they prepare so extensively to surpass their annual goals. Their preparations include a succession of training seminars that cover topics ranging from market trends to customer service. “With so much learning and growth under their belts, I have no doubt all our team members will have built enough momentum to start 2016 ahead of the game,” said Matthew, the firm’s director of operations.

The director explains that the professional development opportunities are part of an ongoing initiative. He and his fellow leaders know Better Advertising Professionals must stay sharp – and current. “The world of business moves rapidly,” he stated. “We’re committed to helping brands maintain an edge on the competition. That’s why growth occurs year round, through conferences, cross-training, retreats, volunteer events, and more. Knowledge and skills stay finely tuned and we stay strong as a team.”

"The world of business moves rapidly,"

Matthew, Director of Operations

According to Matthew, the emphasis on training and team-building efforts is coupled with fierce goal-setting strategies. Managers and associates work together to set progressively higher benchmarks, while consistently evaluating and realigning their efforts as needed. Consequently, they’re fully prepared to achieve ambitious goals and break new records by 2016.

Better Advertising Professionals’ Team Pursues Aggressive Plans for the New Year

Of course, bringing December to a solid close is currently top priority. The fourth quarter is by far the most impactful for the experts at Better Advertising Professionals and the brands they serve. Despite the high level of activity, however, they maintain the joyful and festive tone that is characteristic of the season. That cheer follows them directly into the New Year.

Matthew elaborated, indicating that he has high expectations for 2016. He anticipates the firm will move into new regions and the team will expand. A commitment to a set of core values, a dynamic mission, and an upbeat culture will enable the associates to work confidently toward those targets. “All our work in the past months has been with the next few weeks in mind,” he concluded. “The next couple months will progress smoothly into a succession of victories in the coming year. We never stop looking toward the future.”

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