Betoken Teams Up With Reality TV Star Chelsea Roy

Launch of Updated CBD Creams Bring the Working Moms Together

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In honor of the debut of a newly revitalized CBD cream collection by Betoken CBD on March 22, 2021, founder Liz Kirby will be partnering with Bachelor alumna Chelsea Roy on a giveaway to celebrate the new launch.

Chelsea was a contestant on season 22 of The Bachelor and then she appeared on the 5th season of The Bachelor in Paradise, and Liz is a female-founder disrupting the male-dominated CBD industry. Since both women are accomplished working mothers currently living in Maine the upcoming partnership was a natural and authentic fit.

Centered around making adult life easier, the new Not This Month topical cream aims to alleviate the monthly aches and pains that come with PMS cramps for most women. The topical CBD cream also helps to soothe the chronic pain caused by diseases like Endometriosis, PCOS, adenomyosis, vaginosis, and more. The relaxing CBD cream contains 500mg of broad-spectrum hemp, cramp bark, chamomile, and ginger, as well as rose and wild-harvested Maine seaweed. 

"Chelsea loves helping small and local businesses and at Betoken CBD we pride ourselves in bringing meaningful value to our customers. Since we're both located in Maine, it just made sense that we would partner to elevate both of our passions and to bring awareness to the relaunch of our CBD creams," says Liz on the genesis of her partnership with Chelsea.

Also included in the refreshed CBD cream collection is the Pain, Pain, Go Away topical pain cream that is formulated to target inflammation, swelling, muscle soreness, joint pain, nerve pain, headaches, and more areas of discomfort. The pain-relieving CBD cream has a wide variety of plant botanicals that consists of 500mg of hemp, arnica, comfrey root, lobelia, willow bark, cayenne, ginger, and wild-harvested Maine seaweed. Both CBD creams are eco-friendly and come in aluminum tubes that are 100% recyclable.

The highly anticipated Betoken CBD cream giveaway in partnership with Chelsea Roy will be held from March 22 - 26, 2021. Follow both Betoken CBD and Chelsea Roy on Instagram for the official rules, prizes, and how to enter.


Betoken is the only CBD company designed exclusively for grown-ups. What was once a routine morning 5k is now the source of chronic knee pain. Where falling asleep was once a matter of head hitting pillow, it's now a tossing and turning fiasco. Products are formulated to help people sleep, chill, and feel better.


Liz and her husband have 2 young kids and live in southern Maine. Liz practiced law for 3 years before she "retired" in 2013 to embark on a series of more creative endeavors. She has been a CBD entrepreneur since 2018.


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