Betera, All-New iOS App, Reimagines What a Restaurant Menu Can Do

A startup from Los Angeles creates a restaurant menu that can play videos of food before you order, keep track of your food adventures, and even connect you to local foodies around you

It’s no wonder the customers are confused. A study from University of Texas states that people only remember 10% of what they read but 50% of what they see and hear. Yet for hundreds of years, restaurant menus stayed almost exactly the same with written text descriptions on a piece of paper. To make matters worse, the languages that they use have gotten even more confusing over the years. Betera is an all-new iOS mobile app that reimagines the restaurant menus and helps confused foodies around the world explore and discover their next favorite dish with photos and videos shared by the community.

Betera’s reimagined restaurant menu has a few noteworthy features. First, it allows you to fully immerse yourself in the dish you’re about to order with photos and videos that stimulate your taste buds. Second, you can leave video reviews on your favorite dish as if you’re a star food critic on TV. You can craft your own video that shows the food in action, or you can talk about your experience to those who are about to order that dish. Lastly, unlike most social networks, every photo and video you share on Betera instantly becomes useful as it gets posted on the restaurant’s menu and your personal foodie journal simultaneously.

“If Instagram and Yelp had a baby, it would be Betera,” said Cofounder and CEO Justin Chung. “We are channeling the huge wave of food pictures and videos that are being shared online and making them instantly useful for all the food lovers out there.” 

Turning restaurant menus into a visual social platform is their first mission in their grand vision to create a seamless restaurant experience for everyone. They want to turn restaurant menus into a hub that can integrate all the restaurant tech services including reservation, ordering, and even payment.

Betera is available now on the iOS App Store for free. The app is available worldwide with over 8,000 menu items and over 1,500 photos and videos from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Austin, and Portland. 


Source: Momentu, Inc.


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