Bestselling Author Joe Hilley's Latest Release, 'What the Red Moon Knows'

What The Red Moon Knows

Dunlavy + Gray announces the release of "What The Red Moon Knows", a thrilling new novel by New York Times bestselling author Joe Hilley.

Set along the Gulf Coast, "What The Red Moon Knows" tells the story of Ruth Ecklund — 70-something and enjoying a settled life — until the day she sees a man standing next to a yellow Cadillac. Suddenly, her world turns upside down.

But is it really him? Is he really Elvis — with whom she had a brief romantic encounter as a teen, and who’s been dead for years? Or is he Bobby Wayne Pugh, an Elvis impersonator on the run from Las Vegas hit men?

The Red Moon knows the answer but to find it Ruth must survive a madcap jaunt across Florida, an unsettling journey into the memories of her past and a wild ride into the imagination of the stranger with the yellow Cadillac.

"What The Red Moon Knows" — available now in print and eBook.

About Joe Hilley

Joe Hilley is a New York Times Bestselling author. He grew up along the Gulf Coast where he continues to live and work, producing fiction and non-fiction under his own name and as a ghostwriter without attribution. For more information about Joe, visit his website at

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