Bestseller Selects Nedap for Vero Moda RFID Roll-Out

Bestseller selects Nedap for Vero Moda RFID roll-out

Nedap (AMS:NEDAP), the global leader in RFID solutions, has been selected by Bestseller for deploying Nedap's iD Cloud platform to Vero Moda stores. Bestseller completed the roll-out to 380 stores in January 2023. 

Bestseller decided to switch to Nedap after seeking a partnership that could leverage their initial RFID investment further. The leading international, family-owned fashion company with more than 2,600 stores, housing brands such as Jack & Jones, Vero Moda, and Only, will deploy iD Cloud for its Vero Moda stores. Implementing iD Cloud enables more software functionality that leads to improving the efficiency of how products are received and the introduction of real-time replenishments. This results in more time for store staff to focus on delivering a seamless shopping experience across all Vero Moda stores.

Casper Terp Harboe, RFID Project Manager at Bestseller, commented: "Our primary focus is to optimize store operations even further by adding RFID-based goods receiving and sharing transactional data to close the loop around RFID. With this single view on all stock, Vero Moda can successfully offer the right products at the right place without high safety thresholds. This has a positive impact on sustainability and profitability."

By partnering with Nedap, Bestseller will rapidly accelerate its omnichannel business's flexibility and service across all its Vero Moda stores. With Nedap's support, Vero Moda will revolutionize the way it interacts with shoppers and ensure a seamless brand experience across all consumer touchpoints. Stock visibility is a key enabler for product availability as well as circular services. 

Casper Terp Harboe: "As a company, we take nothing for granted, especially not customer loyalty. To keep our customers happy, we always need to have the right product available across all our sales channels without overstocking and overproducing. Our stores play a vital part in this ambition. Now that we are taking the next step in our RFID journey, we need a partner that enables us to meet our ambitions. We found that partner in Nedap with its global user community and proven track record."

Nick Markwell, Director of Sales EMEA at Nedap: "This fantastic partnership highlights the strategic importance of having an RFID platform that enables easy-to-use functionalities in store and a powerful backend to provide real-time data and insights that can be merged with other platforms at Bestseller. We believe that access to real-time, item-level inventory data is crucial for developing a successful omnichannel strategy and roadmap for brands and retailers. We are proud to partner with Bestseller and look forward to supporting them in leveraging their RFID investment further."

Source: Nedap

About Nedap

Nedap focuses on the development and supply of Technology for Life: technological solutions that make people more comfortable and successful in their professional lives. Nedap N.V. has a workforce of over 800 employees and operates on a global scale. The company was founded in 1929 and has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 1947. Its headquarters are located in Groenlo, the Netherlands.

Nedap is the global leader in RFID-based retail solutions and helps retailers achieve perfect inventory visibility, with zero waste and no losses. Nedap’s iD Cloud platform simplifies multi-store retail and supply chain management using RFID and gives retailers real-time item-level insights into their stock levels and the exact location of each item. Using these real-time insights, retailers can be more agile, offer customers a better omnichannel shopping experience, and increase sales.

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