BestPicksUSA Launching Computer Picks and Parlays, a free sports betting picks site that launched recently, has been working hard behind the scenes developing its expert computer picks, ready for 2021.  

Computer picks are sports picks generated by an automated system. Here's how they work. An algorithm was developed and then uploaded to the BestPicksUSA database. The program has started to ingest as much sports data as it can. This data includes historical data related to how teams have performed in the past, both the distant past and the recent matches. Once this data is in the database, it will be analyzed and applied against the system algorithms in order to generate the picks. The algorithm really is the key.

The BestPicksUSA algorithm takes the knowledge and experience of successful tipsters and digitizes it. This enables the system to crunch more data faster and, thus, provide more picks and update picks the instant more data comes in. It is also a self-learning algorithm, in that it compares the picks made against the actual results of each match to determine the accuracy. If there is a difference, it then starts to calculate why, and so it can improve for next time.

Picks are provided for NFL, MLB and NBA matches and include individual picks and parlays. The Parlay Picks are created by taking the picks with the highest likelihood of success and combining them into one betslip.

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