Best Turkish Сhefs' Photos And Recipes Will Be Soon Featured In Food'n'Chef

One of the most famous food-photographers of the world Aleksandr Slyadnev will visit Turkey on 21 January 2015 to shoot the best chefs with their fine cuisine for his project

And this means that project fans will soon enjoy new photos, interviews and recipes from Turkey's best chefs.

To remind, the most famous chefs from 15 countries have been featured in Food’n’Chef project ( so far. The project includes around 100 best chefs of the world; among them more than a dozen are Michelin-starred. This is like the Oscars, but in a culinary world. And all of them gladly share recipes of their dishes that can be found here

It is strongly recommended to follow closely the updates: aesthetic pleasure is guaranteed each time. It is always a short photo-story about a splendid dish and a gifted chef. There's a personal story behind each dish.

People are used to see faces of waiters in restaurants, but those who actually cook dishes often stay behind the scene. Aleksandr Slyadnev decided to make these magicians public. And this is not just a picture; this is a person's character. Every photo of a chef is accompanied by an interview and a recipe. Just look how a dish can often help to reveal a character of its creator. It is very interesting!


Aleksandr Slyadnev is among 100 best food-photographers of the world according to British Journal of Photography and among 7 most interesting photographers according to authoritative 500px photo community. His primary focus is food photography for restaurants, magazines, publishing houses and independent chefs.