Best Selling Christian Author, Melvin Pillay Reaches #1 on Amazon With His New Book Titled - 'The Power of 8'

​​​Christian Author, Melvin Pillay announces the release of his # 1 bestselling new book on Growing Wealth Through Spirituality Titled "The Power of 8".

Popular Christian speaker and author Melvin Pillay's newly released book, 'The Power of 8', leverages Pillay's three powerful streams: His Eastern culture and lineage, which uniquely honed his spiritual perceptions even before he met Christ; the Christian upbringing which he received from his mother, from Bible school and professional ministry; and the Zig Ziglar business culture which empowers him to cross many lines and move among many kinds of people. His goal in writing this book is simple. If just one reader (and that reader being you) could activate the eight spiritual powers given by God, then the result is increased Kingdom wealth, impact and achieving more in life, with less stress, more rest, and inner peace.

‘The Power of 8’ by Melvin Pillay is available through Amazon for .99 cents.

Melvin reveals how one’s destiny is connected to eight secret powers which immediately bring positive change in one’s personal and professional life.

How to increase wealth and success

Melvin shows that one already possesses the powers to produce wealth. These powers are waiting for activation to assist in the pursuit of financial and personal gains.

The book advises how one can achieve more in life, with less stress, more rest, and inner peace. Melvin presents the personally tested strategies and wisdom to launch businesses into the next level; to breakthrough, and achieve more in life and live the dream.

Melvin’s latest #1 best selling book, “The Power of 8” will help transform businesses by unveiling the secret powers which will break the million dollar mindset and teach how to live like a billionaire, attract high-end clients, and become a launching pad into a new reality of ultimate success.

About Melvin Pillay

Melvin is a man who has risen from absolute abject poverty to power and success, living by his wits, his guts, and his faith. He was born during the deep years of Apartheid in South Africa. Melvin had deep ambitions for success which were only further fueled when his older brother, lawyer and economic hope of the entire family, tragically drowned. Melvin moved to New Zealand and started in the world of sales.

For a long time, he was an abject failure. A major turning point occurred when Melvin discovered a Zig Ziglar cassette tape in the Auckland library and dug into it with fervor – he made a vow: Someday I will meet that man. He did and eventually became Vice President of Global Sales at Zig Ziglar International.

Today, Melvin is an internationally recognized Speaker, Business Coach, and Strategic Advisor to CEOs, entrepreneurs, and political leaders around the globe. Melvin has sold over several million dollars worth of products, services, coaching, consulting, and advice through face to face and online interactions, advised and coached with best- selling authors, renowned innovators, CEOs, global leaders, political advisers, minority leaders, entrepreneurs, high-achieving female business owners, sales teams, and hundreds of small business owners.

Melvin Pillay
Melvin (at) MelvinPillay (dot) com

Melvin Pillay, President & Founder of World Voice of Hope Foundation
A 501(c)(3) organization

About World Voice of Hope Foundation

World Voice of Hope’s approach is to consult with entrepreneurs and renowned innovators to tackle the problems of poverty. They collaborate with companies to create sustainable solutions which enable the poor to transform their lives and communities. It is their desire to make change by connecting and cultivating tomorrow’s change-makers. World Voice of Hope partners with today’s leaders to bring impact across the world, and to become collaborative agents of change. Our partners partner with us to impact globally the lives of orphans. World Voice of Hope currently operates in South Africa, East Africa, Malaysia, and India. World Voice of Hope’s work is to create hope around the globe and in the lives of the world’s poor.

Watch one of Melvin’s last interactions with his late mentor Zig Ziglar. 


“Melvin, I love your enthusiasm. What a privilege it is for you to be here with us where you also honored God so wonderfully well and so excitingly.” - Zig Ziglar

“Understanding success is one of the major challenges of today’s world. Melvin shares how you can gain true success not only at work but also at home. This teaching is the result of Melvin’s practical living which came out of more than 25 years of research on this topic.” - The Honorable Tamrat Layne, Former Prime Minister of Ethiopia


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Source: Melvin Pillay International

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About Melvin Pillay International

Melvin presents the personally tested strategies and wisdom to launch you and your business into the next level; in order to, receive breakthrough, and achieve more in life than you ever dreamed possible with less stress, more rest, and inner peace.