Best Roadside Service Celebrates More Than 50 Years of Commercial Fleet Roadside Assistance

The company has helped more than 15 million members over the 50 years they've been in service, offering rapid response times and an unbeatable customer experience.

Commercial Fleet Roadside Assistance

Best Roadside Service, a commercial, fleet, and individual roadside assistance provider, is proudly entering its 51st year in service with an ever-growing client base and an ongoing commitment to industry excellence.

As a licensed motor club, Best Roadside Service delivers emergency assistance to millions of customers across the United States and Canada. This includes 24/7/365 administrative services that help businesses support their brand and membership base while ensuring that their drivers and vehicles are always well-protected on the road. Currently, the company handles more than 70,000 calls per month and gets customers the help they need fast with the industry's largest database of qualified auto service providers.

Over the years, Best Roadside Service has seen a sharp increase in the need for reliable emergency roadside assistance. The company's individual plans and commercial fleet plans are uniquely designed to meet this urgent need, and they provide a wide range of benefits that guarantee customers are never on their own when an emergency happens.

Some of the primary benefits that Best Roadside Service provides include:

  • Safety: Best Roadside Service providers protect drivers stranded on the side of the road, using warning signs, flares, and cones to direct traffic around vehicles in order to minimize collision risks—a must at night and during inclement weather.
  • Time savings: Emergency roadside assistance plans get drivers back on the road quickly, reducing schedule disruptions and keeping appointments, deliveries, transports, and other commitments on track.
  • Cost savings: Depending on their policy, Best Roadside Service customers can get expensive services like towing and battery replacements either for free or at a low cost.
  • Convenience: It's impossible to predict when car trouble will occur. With emergency roadside assistance from Best Roadside Service, help is always just a phone call away, no matter the day or time.
  • Peace of mind: Working with an experienced auto assistance team means customers can let go of any anxiety they might have around the possibility of a breakdown or other roadside emergency.

Best Roadside Service has spent more than half a century streamlining its operations and ensuring its membership club meets the needs of its individual and corporate customers. Contact the company today to learn more about plans, pricing, and benefits.

About Best Roadside Service

Since 1962, Best Roadside Service has provided individuals and businesses with reliable roadside assistance plans and 24/7/365 coverage across the U.S. and Canada. With an average response time of just 58 minutes, Best Roadside Service ensures that all customers feel safe and confident on the road.

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