Bespoke Custom Fine Italian Men's Suits for the Everyday Man

Winston & Lee creates custom Italian Men's Ready-to-Wear Suits at affordable prices and offers exclusive additional 15% discount

For the past 15 years, Winston & Lee has been making bespoke ready-to-wear Italian men's suits and shoes for men with distinct fashion taste and style who keep an eye on their bottom line. The company uses high-quality super 150 Cerrutti wool fabrics in most of their collections. This fabric offers their clients the most comfortable look and feel in a suit.

An average Winston & Lee suit retails for $1,200 to $1,500, but those who join the company’s mailing list are able to purchase the same suit for $550 to $700 with free shipping inside of the United States.  Clients who mention this release can receive an additional 15% discount off on their order.

Their normal suit sizes are from 38 to 54 regular or long. However, custom suits can be made up to size 60 regular or long for the same price. Winston & Lee is sold in 19 different high-end men’s boutiques across the U.S. and on the company’s website.

Winston & Lee thrives in the hard-to-survive high-end men’s fashion industry because of their designers’ creative use of color in most of their collections. The company’s goal is to use color to tell the story of each collection. They believe fashion is like art, each suit tells a story of the individual without them saying a word to a stranger. One of the company’s creative designers notes that fashion, “should be an embodiment of the man himself.”     

Most of Winston & Lee’s suits feature double stitched peak and notch lapels including stitching on the pants, shoulders, and areas that would not normally have stitching on men’s suit. Their suit cut, style and colorful lining also set them apart from other mainstream men’s suits. This added dimension is usually found in very expensive suits. The company also features a handmade shoe collection, including some exotic leather and studded shoes available in sizes 7 to 16.

Winston & Lee’s corporate office is located in Los Angeles and is run by Walter Njboke, who came to the United States to go to college and play sports. His love for fashion was evident at a young age when he would use a local tailor to alter his colorful jeans so he could make them a little different. His very first design was making a purple pair of jeans and changing it by adding buttons to the side. This was something that was not common at the time, and for Njboke, the whole point was to differentiate himself. 

“I did not feel comfortable dressing up to look like the next guy and that has become an inspiration for my current work,” says Njboke. “Just like in corporate settings today, most men will wear black or navy blue suits. Most people don’t even know about any other color. They forget you only get one chance to make that lasting impression if you want to be remembered. Our suits are custom made and allow a customer to highlight their individual style.”  

In addition to the company’s U.S. and online presence, Winston & Lee is looking to expand into Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, Dubai, Malaysia and Indonesia in the next two years. Those interested in the Winston & Lee brand can sign up to their mailing list online and receive a preview of the new and upcoming collection. To see their current collection or make a purchase, visit,

About Winston & Lee

Winston & Lee is a clothing company that makes the finest suits and shoes using the best materials and craftsmanship available, at the most affordable costs. The company uses high-end wool fabrics like super 150 Cerrutti and Zegna wool for their suits, and never repeat a style except by special demand when it’s sold out. To learn more visit,

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