Berlin Packaging Launches New E-Commerce Website for Dangerous Goods Division

Customers can easily order popular packaging systems to ensure shipping compliance

Berlin Packaging, the world’s leading supplier of plastic, glass, and metal containers and closures, today announced the launch of a newly-designed website for Dangerous Goods, its division that has been helping companies safely and economically ship hazardous and temperature-sensitive materials for more than 35 years.

Berlin Dangerous Goods offers thousands of standard U.N.-rated containers and packaging systems, and the company also engineers, tests, and certifies custom solutions to meet customers’ specific needs. The website’s new e-commerce functionality now allows Dangerous Goods’ customers to shop 24/7 for popular items, while still enjoying the rich information and insights the site has always offered.

With a dramatically improved user experience rooted in customer feedback, the site’s new features include:

  •   Enhanced Sign-in Benefits – Time-saving capabilities only offered to Dangerous Goods account holders, where users can save items to their “wish lists,” view transaction histories, track orders and deliveries, and much more.
  •   Best Sellers Page – Useful to users who are new to hazmat shipping or may not know exactly what they’re looking for, this site page details the most popular products among current customers.
  •   “Ask DG” – Available on every site page, the “Ask DG” feature allows users to contact Dangerous Goods’ customer service team, who will quickly respond with a knowledgeable answer.
  •   Responsive Search – Removing the guesswork, the new search function auto-populates and actively responds to users as they type, bringing up a list of product suggestions.
  •   Intuitive, Responsive Design – Different devices require different viewing options, and the new Dangerous Goods site adapts to show properly on any device.

Beyond a seamless online shopping experience and extensive product selection, the new Dangerous Goods website provides a comprehensive toolbox of references, guides, and glossaries on the regulations impacting the transport of hazardous materials. This portal supplements the nearly 100 years of regulatory and packaging experience of the Dangerous Goods team.

“The website’s rich content, intuitive navigation, and clean design lead to a better user experience, allowing our customers to make smart, compliant packaging choices,” said Jason Kozlowski, Marketing Manager at Dangerous Goods. “Our new website is a straightforward way for customers to learn about what we offer and even self-service through e-commerce, and everything is backed by our skilled sales, service, engineering, and production teams. We see the online channel as just another way to deliver the products and insights of our experts.”

To learn more and try out the robust new e-commerce site, visit 

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