Berlin City Auto Group Lifts Maximum Request Amounts for Drive for Education Grants

​Berlin City Auto Group has revealed that it has lifted the maximum request amount for its Drive for Education (DFE) program. Previously, the maximum was $3,500, but to celebrate the program’s five years of success. The amount schools can request is now open. Since its inception, the organization has contribute over $400,000 to local schools thanks to DFE.

Schools, principals, teachers, and parents can apply for DFE grants. The initiative is designed to support schools by enabling them to purchase interactive whiteboards, library books, audio equipment, and assets supporting music programs, for example. More than 150 Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont public K-12 schools have benefited so far.

Any school in these areas can apply. Awards are determined by a look at the individual academic institution’s programs, and where the greatest need lies. Each application includes an essay, which is critical in the selection process, and can be submitted annually for review. Selections take place once a year in November. This year’s deadline for applying has been set for November 11, 2016.

To nominate one’s school for the DFE grant, one needs to fill out the Drive for Education Application, available on Berlin City Auto Group’s website. It includes school information, leadership, and submitter details, plus information about the school. Requested amounts, and a descriptive essay of 250-500 words, can be entered in the appropriate fields. Applicants also need to indicate how many students they expect to be impacted by the grant.

One can apply by going to For complete information about Berlin City Auto Group’s DFE program, visit or email questions to Information can also be requested directly from the website using the embedded email tool.

Source: Berlin City Auto Group