Bering Select® Announces the Launch of Nutrient-Dense, Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon Oil

Bering Select, a boutique manufacturer of Marine Stewardship Council-certified omega-3 ingredients, has announced the launch of wild caught salmon oil. Sourced from pristine Alaskan waters, the salmon oil requires minimal processing which maintains the native fatty acid, astaxanthin, vitamin D, and pro-resolving mediator levels.

Joel Watson, President of Bering Select, commented, “Our company was founded by and is run by fishermen, so we are very tuned in to ecological and sustainability issues. Bering Select only sources raw materials from our own line-caught fishing infrastructure and from fishing groups that have a proven record of low-impact, responsible fishing methods.”

Bering Select salmon oil contains high levels of natural vitamin D, robust levels of pro-resolving mediators (active forms of omega-3 fatty acids), and low levels of vitamin A. The fatty acid profile includes healthy levels of EPA and DHA as well as appreciable levels of DPA (Docosapentaenoic acid).

About Bering Select

Bering Select, established in 2015, is an Alaskan manufacturer of specialty marine lipid ingredients. Enjoying strong relationships with the local fishing industry and operating a production facility in Dutch Harbor, the center of the Alaskan fishing industry, Bering Select has unique access to fresh, restaurant-grade seafood that requires minimal processing to achieve or exceed international omega-3 quality standards. Bering Select has been producing the only available cod liver oil ingredients made from fish sourced from the pristine, thriving Bering Sea. For additional information, please visit

For ingredient or finished product inquiries, please contact Tommy Little at 418-9977.

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