Berganza Unearths More Rare Jewels for Its Antique Jewellery Collection

Berganza, the leading London-based jeweller specialising in antique and vintage pieces, has unearthed more exceptionally rare jewels to add to its already expansive jewellery collection.

Berganza, the leading London-based jeweller specialising in antique and vintage pieces, has added a new selection of incredibly rare jewels to its collection.  Many of the new items featurepreciousstonessuch as diamonds, rubies and Burmese sapphires, all of which offer great investment potential to buyers.  The team of specialists at Berganza also states that these new pieces will make exquisite gifts, unrivalled in beauty, charm and quality by more modern offerings.

One example of a rare item now available from Berganza is the Art Deco Natural Burmese Sapphire and Diamond Ring, dating back to 1935.  This piece features an oval old cut naturalunenhanced Burmese sapphire, flanked by two tapered baguette cut diamonds.  The total diamond weight is 1.30 carats, and the ring is made from tested platinum and comes complete with Gubelin report.

Anotherunique and truly exceptional rare piece is the Child & Child Pendant Brooch, circa 1900.  This item features three detachable sections set with a multitude of diamonds, and dates from the Edwardian period.  This piece is representative of the craftsmanship ofunsurpassed delicacy of this period, along with its typically ‘white’ materials of diamonds and platinum.

“We currently have some exceptional and very rare pieces available at Berganza,” explained Rupert Warren, Manager at Berganza, “Customers can now enjoy exploring our expanded collection of exquisite jewels such as natural and unenhanced sapphires and rubies, pristine diamonds, and intricately designed and handmade items such as the Child & Child Pendant Brooch.”

Those that are interested in viewing the expandedcollection of rare items on offer from Berganza can visit the specialistjeweller on location in Hatton Garden, London, six days aweek.  Customers can also browse the retailer’s extensive and detailed online catalogue, where they can view each and every jewellery item in exceptional detail with the innovative video function.

Berganza also offers a  range of ancient rings, antique necklaces, vintage diamond engagement rings, cufflinks, signet rings and more, aiming to meet the tastes and budgets of all those looking for a unique and very special gift to mark one of life’s major events, such as a birthday, anniversary or engagement.

Berganza also provides an extensive ‘Knowledge’ section on its website, where customers can learnmoreabout the vintage rings and antique necklaces they are thinking ofpurchasing.  Website visitors can explore topics such as the styles that were prevalent during particular eras, the ideal stones to buy for birthdays and anniversaries, in depth information about the most precious gemstones, and how to choose a particular cut of diamond.