Bentonville Company Manufactures and Sells Best Juicer in Industry

Norwalk Juicers Provide Premier Product in 'The Model 280'

Norwalk Inc, located in Bentonville, Ark., is a dedicated company which produces, and sells, the highest quality juicers in the market. Norwalk offers The Model 280 juicer as their keystone product.

The Model 280 features stainless steel parts and a wide variety of enhancements including: a deeper, wider and inclined juice tray to facilitate more efficient juice flow, a larger guide pin, a larger cutter diameter, an FDA approved O-ring on face plate for more secure housing and more.

The Model 280 is a combination of two machines, a Vortex Cutter and Hydraulic Press, which share the same body and are powered by the same motor. The Vortex Cutter ensures complete cutting and grinding while the Hydraulic Press extracts nutrients from the pulp.

The machines can be used to texture foods, mill flours, grind coffee, chop nuts/veggies, shave ice, cream fruits, grind herbs and more. More than 98 percent of the parts used in the production of Norwalk machines are also made, manufactured or sourced in the United States.

The highly inspected manufacturing and development process, gives Norwalk Juicers the confidence to provide users with a 12-year limited warranty.

Norwalk is a unique company in that their products are not sold in stores. The company has no dealers, distributors, representatives, agents or affiliates. The company has one location in Bentonville where all of the juicers are manufactured and sold, in-house. Dr. Norman Walker (Norwalk is a portmanteau of his name) developed the original Norwalk Juicer and the contemporary design evolved from his original machine.

The Norwalk Juicers provides users the ability to process all growing foods with ease and efficiency. With cutting-edge technology, a commitment to well-crafted products and a longstanding history of excellence in quality, Norwalk is an outlier in the juicer industry.

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Norwalk Inc is a company, based in Bentonville, with a rich history producing high-end machines, locally manufactured. The Norwalk Juicers provides users the ability to produce flavorful, healthy food at home. Norwalk offers users a machine to grind, mill, juice, chop, texture and more; all in one. More than just a juicer, Norwalk juicers are well-crafted kitchen necessities. There’s Norwalk… then there’s all the rest.

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