Benjamin Franklin Smith's Book on Why Most People Live in Poverty and Debt

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The Seven Principles of Life

Why does most of the world's population (90% or about 7 billion people) live in ignorance, poverty and debt? The reason is because they live without clear purpose and goals. They are not aware of the applied knowledge required to free themselves from this bondage. In general, people do not have, nor do they develop the know-how to achieve health, happiness and prosperity (H²P) during their lifetime.  

To help solve this problem, the author Benjamin Franklin Smith wrote "The Seven Principles of Life and the Power of Creation" (available in eBook and paperback) which offers knowledge and experience to harness the power of the VPAT Techniques (visualization, planning, action, and tracking) to develop the know-how and discipline necessary to achieve health, happiness, and prosperity (H²P).

Published by Liberty Realtime Media on Amazon, the book provides useful information including:

  • The reason 1 percent of the world's population controls over 50 percent of the wealth.
  • The mind and skill set of billionaires and millionaires.
  • The way to live in balance and harmony to become the "captain of your soul and the master of your destiny".
  • Why taking action in the present moment and using planned daily actions to build habits will decide your future.
  • The method for drastic life improvement by embracing the virtues of honesty, wisdom, compassion, courage, and persistence.
  • Why the secrets of life are no secrets at all, but instead they are a set of principles.

Told in an engaging, approachable style, and presented through conversations between the author as a young adult and his family mentors, "The Seven Principles of Life and the Power of Creation" contains practical applied knowledge and timeless wisdom. The key is to apply the knowledge because applied knowledge is the Power of Creation.  

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