Benibela Launches Its First Smart Cloud Digital Photo Frame to Help Families Stay Connected

Never miss the most precious moments in life.

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Benibela today launched its newest products, the Benibela Smart Cloud Digital Photo Frames, offering a new way for people and their families or friends to share memories even when they are thousands of miles apart! 

Benibela digital photo frames with double gravity sensing, motion capture, and wireless sharing, can automatically display photos and videos in the cloud in a variety of modes. It's not just a digital frame, but also a smart box that can help to build personal museum of memories.

Benibela is a new-launched photo frames brand of 2022. The company is focused on helping people help themselves and all past and future product innovations will be geared toward improving people's lives and allowing them to easily stay connected, no matter where they are. 

"As she's grown older, my mother Bela who lives in the US, has began to miss her relatives and family back home in Bolivia more and more," says Beni, Founder of Benibela. "She doesn't use social media to keep in contact with her family so I thought to myself, I need to find another way to help her and this generation of mothers that the online world has forgotten."

And find a way he did! 

He created a small digital photo frame containing his mother's past, the faces of every relative, and the fishing boats near her home on the Beni River. Beni calls it his "mother's museum". 

Teaming up with his mom, Beni and Bela (Benibela) have launched the perfect "personal museum" that people from all areas of the world can use to share photos, videos, and their favorite memories instantly. It connects loved ones through the most precious moments of life. 

Forget about the hassle of uploading memories from a phone or camera to a computer, Benibela's smart photo frame enables users to transfer photos or videos instantaneously using Wi-Fi and their very own "VPHOTO" app.

Some other notable features and benefits of Benibela Digital Photo Frames include:
· With 32GB built-in memory, Benibela digital photo frames can import over 30,000+ photos and videos at one time
· Preload photos before gifting it to someone special
· Facial ID recognition can distinguish face and classify photos as upload
· Extremely easy to use, even the elderly won't have any issues viewing or uploading photos
· Technology-driven features such as gravity sensing, and motion capture, allow photos to move with people
· Various sizes from 8 to 17 inches are available to meet different needs
· App & Wi-Fi Cloud Sharing Instantly - Benibela provides a free "VPHOTO" app and Wi-Fi Cloud service to easily share photos and videos

Benibela Digital Photo Frames are available right now starting at $89.99. For more information on Benibela Photo Frames, visit It's the perfect holiday gift for parents, grandparents, or friends and family.

Source: Benibela