Bend is Now Home to the Pacific Northwest's First Dedicated Stand Up Paddle Board Shop

New shop seeks to establish Bend, Oregon as the capital of what many are calling the world's fastest growing water sport - flat-water stand up paddling.

Bend OR: Stand Up Paddle Bend will officially open its doors on Tuesday, July 13 at the Old Mill Marketplace in Bend, Oregon, providing a dedicated local hub for stand up paddling (SUP). While the skyrocketing popularity of the sport has spawned many dedicated stores in California, Stand Up Paddle Bend is the first shop in the Pacific Northwest to focus exclusively on stand up paddling.

"We're excited to bring the stand up paddle board inventory and expertise that's been missing in our community," said Stand Up Paddle Bend co-owner and general manager Chip Booth. "We live in one of the best places for flat-water stand up paddling in the world, and now locals have easy access to another way to take advantage of our gorgeous scenery." Booth says the shop aims to establish Bend as the "center of stand up paddling for the Pacific Northwest and the hub of flat-water stand up for the entire nation." The shop will also have an online presence. Its website is

Stand Up Paddle Bend will offer an unmatched local inventory of boards by manufacturers Hobie, Surftech, Aquaglide, Bark, and Donald Takayama, as well as paddles by Kialoa, Aquaglide and Saywer. The shop will also feature a fleet of rental SUP boards and a variety of accessories. Apparel is soon to come.

Stand up paddling emerged in Hawaii as a variation of surfing where the rider uses a single-blade paddle while standing on a large surfboard. However, flat-water paddling is now estimated to account for over ninety-five percent of all stand up paddling activity. The sport's recent revival and rapidly rising popularity can be credited to its adaptability to any body of water and any skill level as well as the terrific full-body workout it provides. Local stand up paddler Judy Shasek says, "the older I get the more I realize the importance of having a strong core and good balance. At 61, I have a few years of SUP under my belt and it's amazing the fitness it delivers, but all that's a bonus on the side - SUP has provided us amazing new adventures on all the rivers and lakes that abound in Central Oregon from a perspective high above the water. It's great fun and easy to learn."

Stand Up Paddle Bend's grand opening will take place at the shop on Tuesday, July 13th from 4.00 to 8.00 p.m. and will coincide with the Old Mill Marketplace annual block party. Stand Up Paddle Bend is located at the Old Mill Marketplace, 550 SW Industrial Way, #115, Bend, Oregon 97702.

About Stand Up Paddle Bend:
Located in beautiful Bend, Oregon, Stand Up Paddle Bend is the only dedicated stand up paddle board shop in the Pacific Northwest. The shop is locally owned and operated by Chip and Lainey Booth. It is conveniently located close to downtown Bend, the Shops at the Old Mill and, most importantly, the river:
550 SW Industrial Way, Suite 115. Visit or call 541.639.2655 for more information.
Media Contact: Lainey Booth,