BELNIS Provides an Eminent Line of Network Integration and Migration Services

BEL Network Integration & Support (BELNIS) covers server migration assistance, IT support related to office relocation and, new wiring and reconfiguration.

A Server Relocation is usually a high risk operation but when one employ BELNIS Migration Service, one have the peace of mind that the people tasked with one's Server Relocation are amongst the best in the industry.

Comprehensive server relocation services

BELNIS server relocation services include new server room setup, server dismantling and re-installations, safe and secure transportation, additions and changes (IMACs) at the new site, structured cabling services including new wiring, patching and connectivity.

Critical Planning and Scheduling

Before we begin, our Network Integration and Migration team will schedule a meeting with one's IT team to plan and chart out the work. We will plan the migration, identify the configuration, mitigate any risks that might be involved, identify alternate and contingency options and manage independencies.

Pre-Integration / Migration Steps include:

1.    Migration planning and management
2.    Pre-move auditing
3.    Server labeling
4.    System back up
5.    Specialist de-racking
6.    Packing, transportation and re-racking
7.    Optimized cable management for growth
8.    Comprehensive checking and reporting
9.    Stand-alone service or fully integrated relocation
10.    Desktop PC Rollouts
11.    Testing

Experienced Network Integration and Computer IT Services

BELNIS has a wealth of knowledge and experience in server and PC relocations and has been serving companies throughout Richmond, Petersburg, Henrico, Chesterfield, Colonial Heights and Chester.

BELNIS is familiar with the requirements that are needed to move one's most trusted pieces of equipment including servers, tape libraries, SAN’s and switches. Fully insured, and with more than 25 years of experience, make BELNIS one's first call to relocate one's server and IT equipment.

Cloud Computing Services

BELNIS can also undertake server migration i.e. moving data from one server to another. This is a specialized process in which operating systems, software, databases and data files are transferred from one server to another. The structure is replicated on the new server. The entire process is carried out flawlessly and securely.

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About BEL Network Integration & Support

BEL is also a SWAM vendor certified by the State of Virginia to conduct business with this designation.

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