Bella Crafts Publishing Announces New Free Digital Magazine

In honor of National Craft Month, Bella Crafts Publishing is proud to announce the newest issue of their #1 Free Digital Craft Magazine.

March 10, 2016- Bella Crafts Publishing™ is very excited to announce the new changes surrounding our #1 Free digital craft magazine.  Bella Crafts™ is growing up.  Bella Crafts Quarterly™ has now become simply, Bella Crafts™.  Although we have dropped the Quarterly from our name, you can still expect the same quality of excellence that we have provided to our readers and so much more!

When Bella Crafts Publishing™ first introduced our digital craft magazine in 2012, we made a promise that our magazine would always be free to view online and download to your mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops and e-readers.  We take that promise very seriously and we will continue to offer Bella Crafts™ free of charge.

In addition to our Bella Crafts™ free magazine, Bella Crafts Publishing™ will also be introducing our new publication, Bella Crafts™ Premium, a subscription-based magazine with all of the greatness of Bella Crafts™ plus much, much more.  Both magazines will include a brand new section called 20 Minute Crafts, where we show our readers how to create quick and easy craft projects in less than 20 minutes.

Bella Crafts™ Premium will not only feature outstanding craft projects from some of the creative industry’s top designing professionals, but also include business-type columns for anyone who is crafting as a hobby and wants to take their hobby into the professional arena.  Our business columns will help them do just that.  To help us launch our new magazine, we are hosting a fun contest where the winning reader will receive a gift basket worth over $250.00 of product from our sponsor, Plaid Enterprises!


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