Belize Ranked in Top 5 for Retirement

Retirement in Belize is safe and lucrative thanks to the many Government regulated incentives to encourage you to spend retirement in the jewel of Belize. US News and World Report have Ranked Belize in the top 5 world communities for retirement.

US News Rates Belize in Top Five World Communities for a Relaxed Retirement

Belize has long been known for splendid weather and a laid-back lifestyle. Now US News and World Report adds to the tropical attributes many economic advantages of relocating to this Caribbean jewel for retirement. Palm tree-bordered beach residences welcome retirees to Ambergris Caye, an idyllic island currently rated as a realistic investment choice for retirees to relocate and relax with confidence.

US News and World Report continues the kudos, detailing the financial benefits of retiring in Belize: "The government of Belize enacted legislation to allow qualified retired persons to obtain permanent residency in their country. This is a quick and efficient program. As a QRP you could become a full-time resident of the country, but you can also enjoy the benefits if you spend as little as one month a year in Belize."

An easy to convert U.S. to Belizean dollars exchange rate, $2bz to $1US, isn't the only exchange which benefits transferring your lifestyle: 62 is the new 45! "Belize's QRP residency program . . . is available to anyone age 45 or older, and it grants a host of incentives designed to encourage foreigners to come and bring their money. These incentives include a permanent exemption from Belizean taxes, including income tax, capital gains tax, estate tax and import tax on household goods, automobiles, boats and even airplanes."

Whether you want to explore the country's Mayan ruins, immerse yourself in exquisite Barrier Reef, or trek to the many inland natural reserves, keeping active in Belize includes many options as a QRP, detailed by the report: "As a QRP, you can't apply for a work visa. This is not to say that you can't do international, Internet or even local Belize business as an entrepreneur. You just can't take a job working as an employee of someone else in Belize."

Ambergris Caye, known as "la isla bonita," with the charming main town of San Pedro, offers many options of places in which to invest, whether you are ready to relocate permanently or only visit periodically while your establish your transition plan. US News acknowledges this: "Even if you're not contemplating retiring in Belize for several years, this is the time to apply and lock in the benefits of the current QRP law. Once you've qualified, a one-month holiday in Belize each year will maintain your QRP residency status while you work toward your ultimate retirement plan."

Your golden years can really shine in the sun of San Pedro Town. Let me help you achieve the real estate reality of retirement in Belize, where there is no ceremonial sacrifice of financial security for a pensioners' paradise.