BELAY and Base Proud to Support Virtual Assistants With Technology to Help Them Accomplish More

BELAY, a virtual staffing company that offers remote bookkeeping, web support and executive assistant services, announced today that they will be partnering with Base, a software productivity suite and community built for assistants.

The partnership serves as an opportunity to support BELAY’s Virtual Assistants by giving them access to technology that helps them manage their clients with great efficiency. 

“At BELAY, we strive to remain the industry leader for virtual assistants,” says Shannon Miles, CEO and Co-Founder of BELAY. “Implementing Base technology will be a differentiator for us in the market. We believe that when the virtual assistant work is elevated, the entire client experience is elevated as well. Virtual assistants are such a critical part of a growing organization that they need the most advanced technologies available so that they can do their jobs with excellence.”

“I am most excited about partnering with a like-minded organization who really strives to enhance the virtual assistant industry,” Shannon explains. “The technology Base has developed will allow assistants to do what only they can do. The team at Base shares BELAY’s belief that virtual assistant work is a noble profession. And when organizations leverage virtual assistance, their lives and businesses improve.”

Base is a software suite built to help executive assistants increase productivity. "Our mission at Base is to support and uplift assistants in every way," said Base CEO Paige McPheely. "We're excited to be partnering with BELAY and get our products into the hands of virtual assistants across the country to help them provide more leverage for the executives they support."

Coupling Base’s cutting-edge technology with BELAY’s relationship-based model will elevate the virtual assistant industry by leveraging technology to automate tasks. Shannon believes better access to data and preferences will allow for easier handoffs and coverage, giving clients visibility into what the virtual assistant is doing to help build trust.

Of her excitement about the partnership, Shannon explains, “From my very first interaction with the Base team, I have been nothing but impressed. They have approached our partnership with professionalism and intent. They always deliver on their commitments with high quality. I also appreciate how they have invited BELAY in to provide product development input.”

About BELAY 
Growing an organization is difficult in a demanding world. BELAY helps clients thrive by matching companies with dedicated, professional, U.S.-based virtual staff who can take on key projects and handle routine responsibilities, allowing executives and company owners to focus on growing their businesses. Learn more at 

About Base
Founded in 2018 in partnership with High Alpha, Base is a software company focused on improving the work lives of administrative assistants. Through years of working with assistants at their sister company, 33Vincent, Base has observed the pain points assistants face in their daily work—cobbling together several apps or creating hacks to accomplish the wide variety of tasks they manage. Base is working closely with the assistant community to create a product that streamlines workflows and offers new tools to make their work more efficient. In tandem with the software, Base aims to create a premier assistant community, provide excellent, relevant content and uplift assistants and their profession along the way. Learn more at or follow Base on Twitter at @thebaseapp.

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