BEK TV Broadens Programming Lineup With Two New Inspirational Shows

BEK TV 2 New Shows

BEK TV, the region’s largest producer of local content, is pleased to announce the expansion of its programming lineup with the introduction of two new, dynamic shows, Wing & A Prayer and Worldview Matters with David Fiorazo.  These additions reflect BEK TV's commitment to creating content that resonates with the needs and demands of its viewers, offering unscripted and uncensored programming that engages and inspires. You can learn more by logging onto BEK Buzz.

Wing & A Prayer

Join hosts Trent Loos, Pastor Jeff Weiss, and Luke Tibor for a journey of faith and fellowship on Wing & A Prayer. This unique program aims to demonstrate how walking with Jesus can be integrated into everyday life, encouraging viewers to participate in or form local Bible study groups. The show’s core message, "In God We Trust," seeks to resonate beyond mere words on currency, inviting viewers to share their personal testimonies and experiences of faith. Wing & A Prayer airs Sundays at 6 a.m. CT.

Worldview Matters with David Fiorazo

"Worldview Matters" features host David Fiorazo, an ordained pastor, author, and seasoned media contributor. Alongside expert guests, Fiorazo tackles a wide range of pressing issues including church and state conflicts, religious freedom, the ongoing culture war, Bible prophecy, and more. This show promises to provide unflinching insights into how current events and societal shifts align with or challenge biblical perspectives. Worldview Matters with David Fiorazo airs weekdays at 5:30 p.m. CT.

BEK TV continues to innovate and adapt to the requests of its viewers and is proud to offer these programs as part of its commitment to delivering content that not only entertains but also educates and enlightens. Whether it's through exploring deep spiritual questions on Wing & A Prayer or dissecting complex societal issues on Worldview Matters with David Fiorazo, the network’s goal is to provide its audience with programming that matters.

Both programs can be viewed live and on demand on the BEK TV+ app. To learn where BEK TV is available in your area, check out the BEK TV Channel Finder

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