BEK Introduces SmartBiz: A Game-Changing Solution for Small Businesses to Elevate Connectivity and Productivity

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In recognition of National Small Business Week (April 28-May 4), BEK Communications Cooperative announces the launch of BEK SmartBiz, a new purpose-built solution for small businesses. BEK SmartBiz moves beyond connectivity and provides an all-in-one managed Wi-Fi experience and a new way for business owners to drive productivity by managing staff and business systems such as point-of-sale, secure their network, deliver Guest Wi-Fi to customers, and easily manage it all with an app. To learn more, visit BEK Buzz.

“BEK SmartBiz offers small businesses, like cozy coffee shops, an affordable PCI-compliant network for credit card transactions and a separate customer network with a captive portal,” says Isaac Gross, BEK Technology and Network Support Engineer. “I think the biggest game-changer with BEK SmartBiz is its ability to offer peace of mind to small business owners. If problems arise with the network, BEK SmartBiz will be able to withstand them and recover quickly. Users will even be able to use their phone's hotspot as a backup connection, ensuring uninterrupted card payments, even during peak times.”

Features and benefits of BEK SmartBiz include:

  • Seamless wired and wireless internet coverage throughout the business
  • Business-grade network security for the point-of-sale, staff, and business networks
  • Safe and secure customer Wi-Fi with a branded customer portal
  • Network resiliency with cellular backup capability
  • Self-service management for the business owner with the BEK SmartBiz app

BEK SmartBiz is available now. For more information, visit

About BEK Communications Cooperative

BEK Communications Cooperative, founded in 1952, is a communications services company headquartered in Steele, North Dakota. In the last 71 years, the company has grown to include branch offices in Bismarck and Valley City and now serves more than 12,000 customers. BEK provides fiber-based voice, Gigabit broadband, and IP television services; cloud-based security, automation, surveillance, voice, and storage services; and hospital and business communications solutions in North Dakota. The company also provides statewide sports broadcasting and national news reports on the BEK TV Network, and television content across North Dakota through KNDB, KNDM, and KNGF.

BEK emphasizes their fast, friendly, local service experience and a broad portfolio of high-quality communications, enterprise, broadcasting, and advertising services.


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