Beheading of Cecil Rhodes Statue at Oriel College, Oxford University

Cecil Rhodes statue beheaded at Oxford University

The statue of of British Capitalist Cecil Rhodes which is at the centre of a controversy at Oxford University has been found beheaded this morning. Oriel College has confirmed that Police have been called to the scene and have ruled out any involvement from the "Rhodes Must Fall" student group. After initially issuing a statement that agreed with the protestors, stating the statue was "problematic", and the Oxford Union also voting in favour of the removal of the statue, the university gave in to demands from wealthy donors that the statue remain in place. Initial reports on the beheading claimed that it had been done by an ISIS / Daesh cell operating in England. In other claims on the internet, British graffiti artist Banksy has been suggested as the perpetrator. MI5 and MI6 while initally contradicting each other have now confirmed that this is not true. Britain First are being blamed by the Home Office for what it called "irresponsible racist scaremongering". Ransom demand Reports have this morning emerged of a bizarrely named group, referring to themselves as "psychic workers", called All Made-up And Non exidtent and Dead Labourers Association (AMANDLA) which has claimed responsibility for the beheading on various websites and blogs. Both Oriel College and Oxford University have declined to comment on claims that the group has demanded a £100 million ransom for the return of the head. Meanwhile the Rhodes Must Fall movement in Cape Town continue to push for decolonisation of the curriculum as well as an end to privatisation and outsourcing in the education sector.. At Oxford too the Rhodes Must Fall group have also continued to push in the same direction. The Oxford University group issued seven demands, including a call for Oxford to "acknowledge and confront its role in the ongoing physical and ideological violence of empire".