Beezy Beez's Announces Pink Ribbon Gummies, Donates 10% of Profits to Breast Cancer Nonprofit

Beezy Beez releases CBD-infused pink ribbon gummies, blending personal triumph and commitment to breast cancer support, with 10% of the profits to 'The Breasties'.

Beezy Beez Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Gummies

Beezy Beez, a name that has quickly grown synonymous with wellness and innovation, is once again pushing the boundaries. Their latest development? The beautifully crafted Cotton Candy CBD-Infused Ribbon Gummies. These aren’t just another CBD-infused treat on the market; they're a testament to the power of community, resilience, and the fight against breast cancer.

The genesis of Beezy Beez saw a unique fusion: merging the natural goodness of raw harvested honey, a superfood in its own right, with the potent benefits of botanical extracts. This alchemy turned the superfood into a "super-super food." Today, they continue this tradition of innovation with a special treat shaped like pink ribbons, standing proudly as emblems of breast cancer awareness and hope.

This October is set to be different, with Beezy Beez offering more than just a delightful taste experience. The Cotton Candy Ribbon Gummies are tangible symbols of strength and unity. Beyond their delightful taste, these gummies carry the weight of a poignant tale of struggle, resilience, and ultimate triumph. What makes these gummies even more special? A committed 10% of the profits from each jar is channeled to support "The Breasties," a dedicated non-profit that has been a pillar of strength for those battling breast and reproductive cancers.

Behind this noble initiative is a deeply personal story that underscores Beezy Beez's commitment to the cause. As the company's products, inspired by nature and backed by science, made their way into over 100,000 households nationwide, a personal challenge was unfurling in the life of one of the founders, Sam Savransky. His wife, a beacon of strength and determination, found herself locked in a fierce battle against breast cancer. Through the highs and lows, the anguish and hope, she emerged victorious, marking a five-year milestone of being cancer-free. Today, the Cotton Candy Ribbon Gummy initiative stands as a heartwarming testament to her indomitable spirit, shining as a beacon for countless others navigating the tumultuous waters of similar challenges.

As Boris Savransky, a co-founder of Beezy Beez articulates, “For us, this isn't just business as usual. It's a deeply personal journey of trials, resilience, and the unwavering spirit of our Beezy Beez family. Our vision transcends product creation; we're determined to touch lives, inspire change, and make a difference, one pink ribbon at a time.”

Every jar of these gummies encapsulates more than just an exquisite culinary experience; it's a jar filled with hope, solidarity, and a promise for a brighter future. It serves as a reminder of the battles fought, the victories celebrated, and the collective commitment to supporting every individual touched by the specter of breast cancer.

As October dawns, Beezy Beez extends a heartfelt invitation to everyone: be a part of this noble mission. With every bite, you’re not just savoring a delightful treat; you’re supporting a cause, sharing a message of hope, and joining a community that believes in creating a world with fewer shadows of breast cancer.

To dive deep into this journey, to understand the heart and soul behind these special gummies, and to be a part of this mission, visit

Source: Beezy Beez

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