Bedsure Unveils New Bio-Zero Pillow - the Revolutionary Memory Foam Pillow

Bio-Zero Pillow provides the best physical support, has zero heat transfer, and offers cloud-like softness using nanotechnology materials.

Bio-Zero suits every type of sleeper

​​​Bedsure, the global home textile designer, who has served countless customers with their premium comfort products since 1979, has unveiled their new Bio-Zero Pillow on Jan. 25, via their Amazon store.

The Bio-Zero Pillow, which features the latest in pressure-relieving technology, completely revolutionizes sleep quality through its ability to provide optimum air flow, remove heat transfer, support the body at various points, and ensure a seamless night’s sleep through its nanotechnology materials. Bedsure’s Bio-Zero Pillow takes memory foam to entirely new heights and is set apart from other memory foam pillows by four distinct qualities.

There’s no memory foam like Bio-Zero

Bedsure meticulously created a pillow structured to relieve pressure throughout the body. Unlike standard memory foam pillows, Bio-Zero cradles your head and neck without creating unwanted pressure points. The pillow responds instantly to your support needs and effectively conforms to your particular body shape.

Bio-Zero technology consists of nanoscale porous structures that possess the ability to rapidly dissipate heat and absorb humidity in order to maintain consistent body temperature for optimal comfort and undisturbed sleep.

The softness of Bedsure’s Bio-Zero Pillow is unparalleled against other memory foam pillows. Many standard memory foam pillows harden when exposed to lower temperatures, but Bio-Zero technology ensures that the pillow is never affected by ambient temperature. Whether you’re in extremely hot or icy cold weather, the softness of Bio-Zero remains the same.

Bedsure strives to create all of their products sustainably and ethically, and they made sure to stay true to this goal while designing the Bio-Zero pillow. Bio-Zero contains over 10% natural soy extracts that are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Every pillow is hypoallergenic, covered in a durable bamboo casing, and is equipped with antimicrobial agents to protect even the most sensitive skin.

Bio-Zero Pillow suits every type of sleeper

Bedsure’s many years of experience as a premium bedding company has given them an advantageous view into customers’ bedding needs and wants. They kept this at the front of their minds during design phases of the Bio-Zero Pillow, and have created several different shapes and sizes of the pillow to adhere to every type of sleeper.

The Bio-Zero comes in Pillow Contour, Pillow Cooling, and Pillow Cashew. Pillow Contour is ideal for back and side sleepers and is shaped with high and low contour points to provide ergonomic support and promote proper spinal alignment. The Cooling Pillow is infused with cooling gel to create a cool-to-touch skin contact during sleep. Its medium-to-firm support system helps relieve strained muscles and achy joints and aids the body in recovery during sleep. Bedsure’s Bio-Zero Pillow Cashew is perfect for stomach and back sleepers. The curved shape of this pillow adapts to your body’s position so that your arms and shoulders are poised for relaxation, while your neck and back are still properly supported and won’t be compromised during sleep.

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