Bedding Expert Introduces New Bedding Brand, Ommage Sleep, for People Who Want Healthier Sleep

Ommage Sleep bedding brand launch offers reasonably priced luxury mattresses to promote healthy sleep through natural, safe and toxin-free materials.

​​New bedding brand Ommage Sleep, based out of Gambrills, Maryland, started its company to provide a wider audience of people with a healthier sleep option. The way the company operates offers consumers a more affordable mattress option than furniture store brands, making healthy sleep accessible to more people.

Ommage Sleep products are crafted with natural materials that are safe, non-toxic and allergen-free. Since people spend a third of their lives sleeping, a more natural sleep environment can directly benefit their health. It can also foster the health-boosting benefits sleep offers as a whole. Instead of the polyurethane foam that standard mattresses sold online and in stores are crafted from, Ommage Sleep mattresses are created with 100 percent natural and organic latex.

Owner and founder Tomas Eisenberg said, “The name Ommage Sleep is a combination of the word/sound 'Om' and the word 'homage'; 'om' – a Sanskrit word meaning deep sleep and fulfillment as well as awakening the senses, and 'homage' meaning respect and reverence. We feel this word matches our company’s vision to be the leading online brand of natural bedding products – respecting the balance between healthy sleep and overall health.”

In developing this new bedding brand, Eisenberg leaned on his 15 years as an executive in the bedding industry, during which he worked with top-level bedding brands and manufacturers, and gained immeasurable experience in bedding materials, especially natural ones. His passion and primary expertise has always been in the natural latex market, visiting latex manufacturers and organic bedding factories throughout the world. Eisenberg now brings his experience to Ommage Sleep to offer his knowledge of natural bedding materials to a wider consumer audience.

Ommage Sleep has the goal of making natural latex mattresses more accessible to general consumers, since they have previously been unavailable without paying exorbitant prices. The startup creates a more affordable product through a simple business model, buying the best materials directly from the source and selling online directly to consumers. Customers are able to skip the middlemen and store markups they typically face when purchasing mattresses. While offering reasonable prices, the company never sacrifices quality, materials or performance.

About Ommage Sleep

Ommage Sleep is a luxury bedding brand available exclusively online. Ommage offers natural, safe and healthy bedding products targeted to health
conscious consumers in the United States and Canada. Ommage Sleep is a low cost producer of latex mattresses, latex toppers and latex pillows, sourced
directly from the finest latex manufactures in the world. Launched in December 2015 by Tomas Eisenberg, an industry expert and long long-term
executive in the natural latex bedding business. Ommage Sleep is bringing
luxury natural latex bedding products to consumers at affordable prices.


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About Ommage Sleep

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Ommage sleep is a health and wellness company, dedicated to helping people live a healthier lifestyle through better sleep.

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