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Body Sense Massage School welcomes you to a recognized massage training centre helping enthusiasts to enjoy a successful career as a therapist. They take pride in offering the courses that are designed by experts in order to pave the way to a successful future. This is a well-recognized institution based in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and New Zealand that help people to explore the huge area of message with their expert designed short massage courses. They shelter some of the top-notch certified therapists who are well aware of the standards and techniques of massage, which in turn becomes a help for the interested candidates to acquire adequate knowledge.

Being a part of this industry for quite a long time now has helped them to comprehend the need for understanding about the body parts and the points to emphasize in order to promote well-being. This is what touch therapy is all about and the professionals of this school focus on letting the students acquire complete knowledge on massage therapy.

Putting a white feather in the hat with expert designed courses.

Kevin Salimi, Owner

Body Sense Massage School: Expert Designed Courses For Enthusiasts:

This institution leaves no stone unturned to help their students. The courses offered by the school are designed keeping in mind about the various internal condition a client might have. Emphasizing on the triggering point of the body results in releasing hidden energy helping to heal the unbearable condition. Kevin the founder of this institution is known for offering some of the best courses. He himself is an experienced and skilled therapist. Since 2003, Kevin has started practicing in Australia along with in other countries beyond Australia.

Body Sense Massage School is a perfect name for interested candidates. For the enthusiasts this is definitely the only solution as post completion of the courses, the certificates provided to the students are not only recognized throughout Australia but also globally. They work with the only aim to help their student not only acquire the certificate but also master the art with their theoretical and practical sessions.

Training Services of Body Sense Massage School:

Whole Body Massage Certificate: This is a course offered by this school which is more of Kevin style. It is actually a blend of deep tissue, Swedish treatment, remedial massage and some other treatment techniques that helps to release energy hidden in the muscles to feel relaxed.

Trigger Point Therapy: This is a therapy founded in the year 1942 is more like trigger point therapy and Chinese acupressure. It causes discomfort due to the pain and knowing the trigger point of the body helps to treat various health issues like headache, frozen shoulder, lower back pain and much more.

Diploma on kevin Style Whole Body Massage: This is a course that one can only get here. The diploma packages offered by this school guarantees 100% results and confidence. Getting the diploma course help to gain wealth of knowledge on massage therapy.

Body Sense Massage School is a hub of professionally designed courses along with skilled therapists helping the enthusiasts. Undertaking these courses help to pursue the dream of a successful therapist by acquiring the globally recognized certificate. For more information, feel free to visit their website.



Address: "Rydges Hotel"- Kingston Room 1, 59 Federal Street,

Auckland 1010, New Zealand.

Phone : 0800 10 18 77

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