Beckett Announces Launch of Beckett Vault, a Pioneering Storage and Management Solution for Collectibles

Beckett Vault brings together 'our company's best virtues: a passion for collectibles, a focus on security and integrity, and our vision for what this industry can become'

Beckett Vault

Beckett, the most trusted name in the collectibles industry, today announced that it has officially launched the Beckett Vault

Beckett Vault offers a secure storage solution for collectibles in a climate-controlled, insured facility protected by 24-hour security. Items stored in the Vault can be viewed anywhere in the world from the palm of a user's hands, with hi-res images of cards, comics, or memorabilia available instantaneously.

"The Beckett Vault is the union of our company's best virtues: a passion for collectibles, a focus on trust and integrity, and our vision for what this industry can become," said Beckett CEO Kunal Chopra. "Collectors will be able to submit items to the Vault, safeguard them in a state-of-the-art facility, and, in time, seamlessly transact on our platform. This is the future of the industry, and we're proud to be pioneering it. Come Vault with us."

The Vault features biometric access control, water- and fire-proof storage, and 24/7 monitoring by security experts. Its inaugural collection includes over $3 million worth of collectibles. The Vault will launch with zero storage fees, and in time, Vault customers will be able to buy and sell collectibles instantly via our Marketplace. Once an item is bought or sold, the ownership title is immediately transferred via blockchain technology. 

The Beckett Vault is open and accepting submissions today and will occupy a portion of Beckett's new, +100,000-square-foot facility in Plano. 

About Beckett Collectibles

The mission of Beckett Collectibles is to provide the most amazing products and services on the planet for collectors. The iconic brand was founded in 1979 by Dr. James Beckett as a pricing guide for classic American sports cards. The company has since expanded into several other collectible categories with its signature pricing guidance, grading services, and print and digital tools for enthusiasts and professionals in the hobby. With over 30 years experience assembling the industry's most comprehensive collectibles database, Beckett is uniquely positioned to become the world's premier alternative assets platform. By investing heavily in new digital, subscription, and blockchain technologies, as well as in new verticals and expert talent, Beckett is continuing its commitment to help collectors value, safeguard, and trade their unique items. 

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