Beautiful Light by Whitehead and Lemon Released by Routledge Taylor & Francis Group

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Clifton Lemon Associates today announced the release of Beautiful Light: An Insider's Guide to LED Lighting for Homes and Gardens, by internationally recognized lighting designer Randall Whitehead and lighting industry expert and educator Clifton Stanley Lemon. Published by the eminent design publisher Routledge Taylor & Francis, the book connects LED lighting technology with the time-tested tenets of good residential lighting design.

Beautiful Light is a combination of idea book, design resource, and introduction to residential lighting design. It explores the transition in residential lighting from incandescent light sources to LEDs, provides grounding in the fundamental qualities of light, and shows how LEDs can be applied in residential lighting with great success following enduring lighting design principles. It explains how LEDs differ from older light sources, with innovative graphics that show how to design with light layers, light people, and balance daylight and electric light. Every room of the house, as well as exterior and garden spaces, is addressed in 33 case studies of residential lighting with LEDs, with a wide variety of lighting projects in different styles. With over 200 photographs of dramatic interiors beautifully lit with LEDs and clear, concise descriptions of design strategies and product specifications, Beautiful Light helps both professionals and non-professionals successfully navigate the new era of LEDs in residential lighting.

According to co-author Randall Whitehead, "Since LEDs are still relatively new to many homeowners and designers, we wanted to write a book showing how they have been used to make really beautiful lighting designs. We also feel that rather than looking back nostalgically at the old incandescent lighting, we should embrace the newer high quality LEDs that are now widely available on the market, as they're better in every way. We show that excellent lighting design now has even more possibilities with this wonderful technology."

"Residential lighting is not given the attention it deserves in design education, and we wanted a book that corrected that. Also, since LEDs were commercialized, far too much of the focus has been about energy efficiency, usually at the expense of quality of light. Because of LEDs, residential lighting is now as efficient as it needs to be, and we don't need to make any tradeoffs whatsoever between energy efficiency, climate action, and quality light. We can now focus on what we too often forget in architecture and design - beauty," said co-author Clifton Stanley Lemon.

Beautiful Light is now available on the Routledge website. More detailed information on the book is available here.  

Download the Media Guide here.

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Hannah Gascoyne at Taylor & Francis/CRC Press,

Clifton Stanley Lemon, Clifton Lemon Associates, 415 254-7056,

Randall Whitehead, Randall Whitehead Lighting Design, 415 515-9842,

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