Beats Bears NFT Launches to Spread Love in the Metaverse

Beats Bears announces the release of a collection of 7,923 hand-drawn NFTs with over 200 traits. Each Beats Bears comes with the song Gratitude. Gratitude is written, produced, and performed by MC FLIPSIDE. The mantra "Good mood, gratitude, stay blessed, manifest" repeats in the track with instant impact, creating a captivating vocal rhythm that gets paired with a pumping house beat, showcasing the immense talent of this artist. Beats Bears also announces that it enabled NFT sales to non-crypto people with NFT PAY, using your credit card, a game-changer.

Beats Bears NFT Collection 

Now one can own one of the epic, hand-drawn Beats Bears NFTs, accompanied with the incredible, exclusive house track "Gratitude" by MC Flipside, along with a ticket to the metaverse festival Loveland with a wild DJ lineup, live music, graffiti artists and more. Gianluca Vacchi, Angie Vu Ha, MC Flipside, Madonna's Avatar, and many more are just some of the celebrities in Loveland.

Sign up below to get on the whitelist so you can get your spot to mint, also known as the ability to buy, a Beats Bear or two at the end of June 2022. 

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About MC Flipside

Producer/Songwriter/Vocalist/MC/DJ - 

MC Flipside is a two-time Juno-nominated, world-class producer with over 100 chart-topping tunes and placements on ABC, Netflix, MTV, and the NBA. He has also worked with multi-charting UK talent Higher Self, with over 250 million plays on Spotify alone.

About Felicia Pizzonia

Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author of Multiple Books 

Featured on Ellen Degeneres and other media channels worldwide, Felicia Pizzonia is a partner in Ultimate Publishing House (UPH), where she enjoys the role of being a book publisher with an edge of over 15 years in the book publishing business. Her desire to inspire others compelled her to write her first bestselling book, Babes in Business Suits: Success Secrets of the Top Women Entrepreneurs of the World (2009). Her latest book, Mind Candy: How to Program the Subconscious Mind to Achieve Any Goal, is a fresh perspective and approach to recognizing the potential of a mind trained for success. Felicia is a firm believer in giving back through helping to inspire others. As a part of this commitment, she created LOVE MODE (, an organization that offers a collaboration hub using NFT art and music to inspire and contribute to the clean water initiative worldwide.

Source: Beats Bears

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About Love Mode

The Beats Bears are an NFT collection of 7923 hand-drawn with over 200 traits. Bears that come with an epic house track - called GRATITUDE.

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