Bear Cognition Introduces AI-Powered Data Analytics Tool

Bear Cognition's GrizzlyGPT Promises Step-change Improvements in Data Performance

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Bear Cognition, a premier provider of data intelligence services, today launched GrizzlyGPT, an AI-powered tool set to revolutionize data analytics with unparalleled ease and efficiency. 

GrizzlyGPT’s launch comes on the heels of the announcement of the company’s SwaS™ (Software WITH a Service) model, blending proprietary technology with expert guidance from Bear Cognition’s Data Lab to elevate client performance and market standing. 

Empowering Data Interaction GrizzlyGPT, developed by Bear Cognition’s elite analytics team, integrates advanced technologies like Plotly Dash, Snowflake, and AWS App Runner with OpenAI's ChatGPT. What truly sets GrizzlyGPT apart is its agnostic nature, enabling seamless interaction with any company’s data ecosystem. The groundbreaking tool democratizes data access, allowing users of all technical backgrounds to query, compare KPIs, and gain insights within seconds, thereby fostering a culture of informed decision-making across the organization.  

Seamless Integration and User Experience Aligning with the SwaS™ model, GrizzlyGPT guarantees easy integration into existing workflows, complemented by personalized support from Bear's analysts, ensuring clients not only access a dynamic tool but also the expertise to fully leverage its capabilities.

"GrizzlyGPT is our latest step forward in providing businesses the tools and support needed to harness their data effectively," Mike Mullen, COO of Bear Cognition, stated. "It's more than software; it's a key to easy, clear insights, backed by a dedicated team." 

Transformative Potential Across Industries GrizzlyGPT's launch addresses the critical need for more efficient data interaction across sectors. It stands as a vital tool in advancing business intelligence, offering customized solutions for each client’s unique needs. 

About Since its founding in 2021 in Charleston, SC, Bear Cognition has led in offering innovative business intelligence, data analytics, and management solutions. Its unique SwaS™ model, a synergy of advanced technology and professional expertise, empowers Bear Cognition to deliver not just tools, but also the knowledge for their effective use, helping clients secure a competitive edge. For more about GrizzlyGPT and Bear Cognition's offerings, visit

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Bear Cognition is a high-touch business intelligence, management platform and process solutions company. Our SwaS™ (Software with a Service) model brings proprietary tools together with our Data Lab to help you gain an unfair advantage.

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