Beacon Christian Community Health Shows How It's Done With Its Successful Moderna COVID-19 Vaccination Program

Staten Island-based healthcare leader administers 100% of vaccine allocation per most recent NY York State and NY City guidelines.

Beacon Christian Community Health Center, Inc. announced that it had administered more than 100% of its allocation of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine inoculations in compliance with NY State's Vaccinate New York Phase 1A eligibility requirements and Governor Cuomo's timeline directives. Beacon Health received its first allocation of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine on Monday, December 21, 2020, and successfully administered 10% of that week's allocation on Wednesday, December 23, 2020.

Dr. Allan Perel, MD, Chief of Neurology, Richmond University Medical Center recently said, "Beacon has been a godsend for my office. There has been so much ambiguity and questions regarding the vaccine and when we found out that Beacon Health was providing the vaccine for frontline healthcare workers, we were ecstatic. The idea that people in private practices weren't able to get the vaccine at the hospitals, really put them at a unique disadvantage. Staff members and I at Alpha Neurology Medical Practice have shared just how wonderful Beacon Health as a whole, especially Drs. David and Janet Kim, treated us and really made a difficult situation easy for everyone involved."

The challenges of COVID-19 coupled with stringent NY State oversight and the unknowns of brand-new, rigorously tested vaccines means it's neither possible nor prudent to have people show up "en masse" and dole out vaccinations in an assembly line fashion. The space requirements of social distancing coupled with the time factor to allow for strict observation for potential allergic reactions can be a logistical dilemma. None the less, Beacon with a keen understanding of government and pharmaceutical supply chains, began planning for being a COVID-19 vaccine administrator in September 2020.

Recently, Beacon Health CEO Dr. David Kim stated, "In trying to cope with getting the maximum number of people immunized while still keeping everyone as safe as possible, we have taken the POD (point of distribution) concept of vaccination that we initiated so successfully with the H1N1 outbreak, as well as with flu vaccines and tetanus shots in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and applied it to COVID-19." 

Dr. Janet Kim, Chief Medical Officer, Beacon Health, continued, "We took one of our two Staten Island facilities, configured and staffed it solely for COVID-19 testing and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine inoculations. Our second Staten Island facility was configured and staffed exclusively for all other Non-COVID-19 and day-to-day community healthcare."

Beacon is pioneering a whole new approach to medicine, whether dealing with a pandemic or just providing outstanding health care to underserved communities.

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