Beachwood Builds Tremendous Knowledge and Expertise by Adding Brandon Zachry to the Team

Brandon Zachry

Brandon holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Petroleum Engineering from Texas Tech University. After graduation, he was recruited and hired by Autry Stephens, the Founder and General Partner of Endeavor Energy Resources, one of the largest independent oil and gas companies in the world. Brandon worked side by side with Autry, drilling and completing nearly 1,000 new wells as well as overseeing the daily production and operations of over 4,200 wells throughout Texas and New Mexico. 

In 2013, Brandon opened his own company, a Permian Basin-focused, independent oil and gas company called Exceed Petroleum. As the President of the company, he worked operations, exploration and production, with his company specializing in the acquisition and operation of existing production. 

When the oil and gas industry lost a significant amount of talented people during the crash of 2015, industry knowledge became desperately needed and extremely hard to find. A newly acquired company by Schlumberger offered Brandon a position as their Senior Engineering Advisor (specializing in Petroleum Engineering).

As Brandon started meeting with teams in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Kansas he discovered the gap in oilfield knowledge was industry-wide. Brandon designed and presented training schools for companies, covering topics ranging from Pump Schools, General Oilfield Knowledge, Advanced Field Operations and Better Well practices to Reduce Failures, courses that have helped companies across the map reduce lifting costs and increase revenue exponentially.

Brandon left the company at the start of 2020 to help run his family oil company, Ridgeline Resources.

Brandon is an active member of:

Denton Bible Church

UPWARD Ministries volunteering

Society of Petroleum Engineers

Beachwood is delighted to announce that Brandon Zachry has joined the team. Having already partnered with WellDatabase in 2018, Beachwood clients can now see all of the oil and gas well data in the United States and send their questions about acquisition strategies to Brandon directly at

For more information about WellDatabase, visit (link below)

For more information about Beachwood, visit (link below) or call (405) 265-7050

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