Be the Blessing Studio Releases Their New Handcrafted Bar Soaps, the Promised Land Collection

The Promised Land Collection

​​​​​In the world of bulk and mass-produced products, independent maker Julie Lander is excited to share her small-batch handcrafted soap that has been made with pride for all of her customers.

Quickly gaining recognition, Be the Blessing Studio has launched The Promised Land Collection.  Customers feel the difference in the raw goat milk and honey in every handcrafted soap bar, that even the most sensitive skin type can use.

The Signature collection is broken up into eight different scent families to make the experience feel like a day at the spa. Customers can choose from scent families like Man Cave, Fresh, Nature's Gifts, Sweet, Floral, Warm, Soft, and Island Escape.

They are also expanding and offering sales consultant positions – additional information can be found on their website, which has a whole new look. Never in their wildest dreams did they foresee their soap reaching from coast to coast, but it has. Recently, receiving a special request for the Kentucky Horse Park has been another exciting part of their business.

Julie Lander describes herself and her small business: “Making things has been part of my life since I was young. Soap came naturally as it has a great purpose, and you can make it show your personality. I love encouraging and influencing others; it’s a bonus I share a product that gives them healthy skin and enriches their life. I spend many of my days doing what many of you do, and that’s taking care of life and being part of the world around me. I enjoy my family, friends, and animals. Meeting new people and learning about their lives is a huge bonus of my work.”

Be the Blessing Studio does monthly giveaways. May's giveaway is known as the Launch Party Giveaway; make sure to signup! For exclusive discounts sign up on their VIP email list.

About Be the Blessing Studio

They are located in Sidney, Montana. and offer many other items but their soap has put them on the map. Find them at expos, vendor shows, fairs, retail stores, and online. They are easy to find on via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and of course their website,

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Phone: 406-480-3621

Source: Be the Blessing Studio

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About Be the Blessing Studio

Handmade soaps and Natural hair detangler

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